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125 Crystal Beach Townhomes, 2nd Amend
Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-06-14 1900 Ninety Eight 1900 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-07-18 9/14/2007
12-13-SP 1900 Ninety Eight, 1st Amend 1900 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-12-08 06/27/2012
1900 Ninety Eight, 2nd Amend
Scenic Hwy 98
SP-97-24 98 Palms 981 Highway 98 E DO-97-24 06/02/1997
SP-00-66 98 Palms, 1st Amend (Walgreens) 977 Highway 98 E DO-01-25 8/2/2001
SP-02-11 98 Palms, 2nd Amend (Walgreens) 977 Highway 98 E DO-02-49 10/9/2002
SP-98-98 98 Palms, Commercial Subdiv Lots 1 & 2 979 Highway 98 E DO-98-24 11/23/1998
SP-01-23 98 Palms, The District 2001 98 Palms Blvd DO-02-03 6/13/2002
SP-02-39 98 Palms, Parcel 4 981 Highway 98 E DO-02-58 12/3/2002
SP-03-02 98 Palms, Parcel 4, 1st Amend 981 Highway 98 E DO-03-19 7/7/2003
16-08-SP 125 Crystal Beach Drive, 2nd Amend 125 Crystal Beach Drive DO-16-13


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-97-41 A & R Supply Warehouse 4644 Gulfstarr Dr DO-97-41 10/28/1997
SP-02-21 A Storage Solution 735 Harbor Blvd DO-02-47 9/26/2002
SP-97-07 Acclaim Corporate Plaza 137 Crystal Beach Dr DO-97-07 3/4/1997
SP-93-12 Acquire Corporation Office Building 155 Crystal Beach Dr DO-93-12 03/18/1993
SP-98-49 ADI - Office & Warehouse 539 Mountain Dr DO-98-39 11/9/1998
SP-97-43 Aeroview Park 1197 Airport Rd DO-97-43 11/03/1997
SP-03-33 Aeroview Park, 1st Amend (Lot 1) 1197 Airport Rd Withdrawn
SP-97-29 Airport Road Fire Station 848 Airport Rd DO-97-29 7/11/1997
SP-07-05 Airport Road Office & Institutional Subdiv 841 Airport Rd Withdrawn
SP-06-23 Airport Veterinarian Clinic 900 Airport Rd DO-07-04 12/1/2006
SP-03-01 AJ's East Parking Lot 120 Harbor Blvd DO-03-33 10/13/2003
SP-00-53 AJ's North Parking Lot 115 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-00-68 AJ's Parking Lot Expansion 117 Harbor Blvd DO-01-26 8/13/2001
SP-02-22 AJ's Parking Lot Expansion, 1st Amend 116 Harbor Blvd DO-02-40 9/9/2002
SP-02-59 AJ's Parking Lot Expansion, 2nd Amend 117 Harbor Blvd DO-03-14 6/4/2003
SP-00-67 AJ's Pier 57 117 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-00-51 AJ's, 1st Amend 116 Harbor Blvd DO-02-11 2/20/2002
12-17-SP AJ's, 2nd Amend 116 Harbor Blvd
SP-07-08 Alexan-Henderson Beach 4101 Commons Dr DO-08-03 10/11/2007
SP-07-08.1 Alexan-Henderson Beach DO, 1st Addendum 4101 Commons Dr DO-08-03 1/4/2008
SP-07-08.2 Alexan-Henderson Beach DO, 2nd Addendum 4101 Commons Dr DO-08-03 2/15/2008
SP-09-02 Alexan-Henderson Beach, 1st Amend 4101 Commons Dr DO-09-04 12/3/2008
SP-10-04 Alexan-Henderson Beach, 2nd Amend 4101 Commons Dr DO-10-05 02/26/2010
SP-02-33 Allergy Diagnostics Facility 971 Airport Rd DO-02-45 9/30/2002
SP-96-34 Anchors Townhomes 1720 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-96-34 6/9/96
SP-97-23 Anchors Townhomes 1720 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-97-23 05/27/1997
SP-03-28 Ann Circle Apartments 204 Ann Cir DO-04-02 1/9/2004
SP-07-14 Ann Circle Apartments, 1st Amend 204 Ann Cir DO-07-16 8/13/2007
13-07-SP AOC Food Marts #19 437 Main St DO-14-05
SP-92-03 Aqua Nest (renamed Harbor Lights) 211 Durango Rd DO-92-03 4/6/92
SP-96-29 Arcon Crystal Bch Ctr for Healthcare 36500 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-96-29 04/05/1996
SP-97-13 Arcon Crystal Bch Ctr for Healthcare, 1st Amend 36500 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-13 04/10/1997
SP-97-57 Arcon Medical Offices 36500 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-57 12/31/1997
SP-05-03 Azalea Commercial A 297 Azalea Dr DO-05-08 1/3/2005
SP-05-04 Azalea Commercial B 303 Azalea Dr DO-05-09 1/3/2005
SP-04-42 Azalea Commercial Lot 1 300 Azalea Dr Withdrawn
SP-04-43 Azalea Commercial Lot 2 300 Azalea Dr Withdrawn
SP-04-39 Azalea Commercial Lot 3 300 Azalea Dr Withdrawn
SP-04-44 Azalea Commercial Lot 4 300 Azalea Dr Withdrawn
SP-94-16 Azalea Commercial Park 170 Azalea Dr DO-94-16 05/02/1994
SP-05-25 Azalea Drive Office Warehouse 295 Azalea Dr DO-05-40 9/27/2005
SP-92-08 Azalea Gardens (renamed Destin Azalea Gardens) 0 Goldsby's Way DO-92-08 08/17/1992
SP-03-20 Azalea Self Storage 241 Azalea Dr DO-03-27 9/29/2003


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-04-30 Baleen Condominiums 500 Harbor Blvd DO-04-32 10/4/2004
SP-96-30 Barataria Condominium 212 Harbor Blvd DO-96-30 4/8/96
SP-06-10 Bay Limousines 220 Main St DO-06-18 03/01/2006
SP-05-07 Beach Community Bank 663 Harbor Blvd DO-06-02 10/7/2005
SP-05-08 Beach Lofts (pka Destin Inn & Suites) 130 Lola Cir DO-05-33 8/12/2005
SP-02-12 Beach Pointe Condominiums I 3659 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-02-32 7/9/2002
SP-03-04 Beach Pointe Condominiums I, 1st Amend 3659 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-03-18 6/26/2003
SP-07-06 Beach Pointe Condominiums II 3680 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-08-22 9/9/2008
SP-99-41 Beach Pointe Homes - A Timeshare Condominium 3659 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-00-18 4/12/2000
SP-99-22 Beach Pointe Townhomes 3695 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-99-40 9/28/1999
SP-02-49 Beach Pointe Townhomes, 1st Amend 3695 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-03-25 9/12/2003
SP-95-14 Beach TV Tower 140 Palmetto St DO-95-14 11/07/95
SP-97-30 Beach TV Tower 110 Azalea Dr DO-97-30 08/11/1997
SP-99-51 Beach TV Tower, 2nd Amend 140 Palmetto St DO-00-07 3/29/2000
SP-00-25 Beach TV Tower, 3rd Amend 140 Palmetto St DO-00-39 7/10/2000
12-19-SP Beach Zone Multi-Use Site 893 Highway 98 E DO-13-04 12/27/2012
SP-03-12 Benning Drive Office Warehouse 134 Benning Dr DO-04-09 2/11/2004
SP-05-11 Benning Drive Office Warehouse, 1st Amend 134 Benning Dr Withdrawn
SP-06-12 Benning Drive Office Warehouse, 1st Amend 134 Benning Dr Withdrawn
SP-97-25 Big Kahuna's - Water Slide Addition 1007 Highway 98 E DO-97-25 6/4/1997
SP-03-19 Big Kahuna's Entry Renovation 1007 Highway 98 E DO-03-28 10/1/2003
SP-05-26 Big Kahuna's Entry Renovation II 1007 Highway 98 E No DO
SP-07-26 Big Kahuna's Phase I Renovations 1007 Highway 98 E DO-08-09 2/28/2008
15-08-SP Big Kahuna's, 5th Amend (Water Slide)
Highway 98 E
DO-15-06 4/20/2015
SP-98-61 Big Ten Tires 35800 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-08 3/26/1999
SP-97-44 Blacks Warehouse 285 Azalea Dr DO-97-44 10/30/1997
SP-98-06 Blasbichler Triplex Conversion 4523 Luke Ave DO-98-06 1/26/1998
SP-00-29 Boat House Oyster Bar Storage Building 288 Harbor Blvd DO-01-34 9/28/2001
SP-02-08 Boat House Oyster Bar Storage, 1st Amend 288 Harbor Blvd DO-02-12 2/28/2002
SP-02-51 Bob Self Office Building Entrance 4641 Gulfstarr Dr Withdrawn
SP-91-03 Boogie's Beef & Reef 2 Harbor Blvd DO-91-03 08/05/1991
SP-01-43 Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop 519 Harbor Blvd DO-01-46 12/21/2001
SP-02-15 Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop, 1st Amend 519 Harbor Blvd DO-02-18 4/4/2002
SP-02-27 Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop, 2nd Amend 519 Harbor Blvd DO-02-41 9/9/2002
SP-02-29 Bruster’s Ice Cream Sunsail Plaza 4655 Gulfstarr Dr DO-02-37 8/4/2002


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-06-11 Callahan's Restaurant 791 Harbor Blvd DO-06-15 6/29/2006
SP-97-10 Captain Dave's on the Harbor (Ralph & Kacoos) 314 Harbor Blvd DO-97-10 4/4/1997
SP-97-21 Captain Dave's on the Harbor, 1st Amend 314 Harbor Blvd DO-97-21 05/23/1997
SP-01-16 Captain Dave's on the Harbor, 3rd Amend 314 Harbor Blvd DO-01-39 10/2/2001
17-07-SP Captain Leonard Destin Park 101 Calhoun Ave  DO-17-06  08/25/2017
SP-05-12 Caretta Dunes (pka Beach Crystal) 3310 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-05-21 5/2/2005
SP-05-23 Caretta Dunes, 1st Amend 3310 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-05-28 6/24/2005
SP-08-04 Caretta Dunes, 2nd Amend 3310 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-08-13 3/28/2008
SP-10-05 Caretta Dunes, 3rd Amend 59 Dolphin St DO-10-07 05/10/2010
Caretta Dunes, 4th Amend
Scenic Hwy 98
SP-96-25 Caribbean Dunes 73 Shirah St DO-96-25 03/06/1996
SP-97-03 Carpet One - East 36070 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-03 2/6/1997
16-25-SP Catalyst Seaglass Apartment Complex 4320 Commons Drive DO-17-02
SP-95-08 CBG/SAK Office Building 36474 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-95-08 04/17/95
SP-96-07 CBG/SAK Office Complex 36474 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-96-07 09/03/96
SP-97-26 CBG/SAK Office Complex, 1st Amend 36474 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-26 06/30/1997
SP-01-48 Cellular South / Destin Yacht Club Antenna 320 Harbor Blvd DO-02-14 3/6/2002
SP-02-13 Cellular S/Destin Yacht Club Antenna, 1st Amend 320 Harbor Blvd DO-02-16 3/20/2002
SP-01-19 Cellular South Beach TV Tower 140 Palmetto St DO-01-XX 12/31/2002
SP-95-13 Chick-Fil-A Restaurant 1063 Highway 98 E DO-95-13 09/18/1995
SP-02-28 Chopper One 111 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-02-37 Chopper One 111 Harbor Blvd DO-02-52 10/10/2002
SP-05-21 Clary Office Building 90 Trista Terrace Ct DO-05-37 8/26/2005
SP-93-16 Claude's Place & Johnny G's Parking Lot 747 Harbor Blvd DO-93-16 9/7/1993
SP-02-10 Clement Taylor Park Seawall & Pedestrian Pier 131 Calhoun Ave DO-02-22 4/25/2002
SP-02-44 Clement Taylor Park, 1st Amend 131 Calhoun Ave DO-02-42 9/9/2002
SP-98-16 Club Destin Dune Walkover 1044 Highway 98 E DO-98-29 8/26/1998
SP-02-46 Coastal Carpet & Tile - Carpet One 36070 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-02-59 12/3/2002
SP-97-58 Coastal Equipment Rental Inc 508 Mountain Dr DO-97-58 08/19/1997
SP-95-12 Coastal Equipment Rental Inc 508 Mountain Dr DO-95-12 7/25/1995
SP-10-07 Coastline Tree Service & Landscaping 613 Harbor Blvd DO-11-01 10/15/2010
SP-01-38 Colonial Bank Centre 34990 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-02-01 1/8/2002
SP-94-42 Commercial Office Building 1000 Highway 98 E DO-94-42 7/7/1994
SP-98-26 Comminskey Condominiums 625 Lagoon Dr No DO
SP-01-02 Community Center Parking Lot Expansion 104 Sibert Ave DO-01-12 3/28/2001
SP-02-07 Community Ctr Parking Lot Expansion, 1st Amend 104 Sibert Ave DO-02-17 3/27/2002
SP-99-08 Compass Bank Rear Driveway 230 Main St DO-99-22 5/10/1999
SP-97-39 Coral Reef Condominium Addition 2708 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-97-39 10/22/97
SP-00-18 Corner Suite 100 Industrial Park Rd DO-00-33 6/12/2000
SP-02-42 Corner Suite, 1st Amend 100 Industrial Park Rd DO-03-04 2/7/2003
SP-05-09 Corner Suite, 2nd Amendment 100 Industrial Park Rd Withdrawn
SP-96-33 Cornerstone Presbyterian Church 50 Beach Dr DO-96-33 5/23/1996
SP-04-24 Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Addition 50 Beach Dr DO-04-19 7/9/2004
SP-05-10 Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Add, 1st Amend 50 Beach Dr DO-05-10 1/3/2005
SP-10-06 Corpus Christi Church Expansion, 3rd Amend 307 Beach Dr DO-11-02 11/12/2010
SP-03-22 Corpus Christi Church Parking Lot 307 Beach Dr DO-03-39 10/22/2003
SP-97-48 Corpus Christi Church Parking Lot Addition 307 Beach Dr DO-97-48 11/07/1997
SP-93-04 Court Del Mar Townhomes 182 Durango Rd DO-93-04 12/21/1992
SP-92-06 Coventry Corners 0 Lola Cir DO-92-06 8/3/1992
SP-02-25 Crab Trap Deck Expansion 3500 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-02-48 10/3/2002
SP-02-25.1 Crab Trap Deck Expansion, 1st Amend 3500 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-02-60 12/4/2002
SP-94-32 Crawford Properties Inc, Commercial Office Bldg 150 Regions Way DO-94-32 10/031994
SP-91-02 Crystal Beach Cottages 0 Luke Ave DO-91-02 08/05/1991
SP-91-04 Crystal Beach Cottages, Phase 2 0 Clipper Cove DO-91-04 11/04/1991
SP-98-22 Crystal Beach Development LTD Airplane Hanger 1001 Airport Rd DO-98-14 3/10/1998
SP-97-51 Crystal Beach Development Office 151 Regions Way DO-97-51 11/13/1997
SP-97-09 Crystal Beach Development Office Building 2002 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-97-09 4/7/1997
SP-97-36 Crystal Beach Fire Station 117 Crystal Beach Dr DO-97-36 9/17/1997
SP-06-21 Crystal Beach Fire Station, 1st Amend 117 Crystal Beach Dr DO-07-01 10/12/2006
SP-94-33 Crystal Beach Manor 2825 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-94-33 10/03/1994
15-19-SP Crystal Beach Mattress Firm 34894 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-16-06 01/21/16
SP-97-04 Crystal Beach Motel 2931 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-97-04 2/7/1997
SP-04-32 Crystal Beach Motel, 1st Amend 2931 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-04-20 7/14/2004
SP-94-35 Crystal Beach Plaza Commercial Subdivision 34888 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-94-35 10/17/1994
SP-98-03 Crystal Beach Plaza Shopping Center 34906 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-98-03 2/12/1998
SP-00-09 Crystal Beach Plaza, 1st Amend (Outback) 34906 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-17 5/2/2000
SP-00-10 Crystal Beach Plaza, 2nd Amend 34904 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-25 5/15/2000
SP-00-33 Crystal Beach Plaza, 3rd Amend 34904 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-38 7/6/2000
SP-00-58 Crystal Beach Plaza, 4th Amend (O'Charley's) 34906 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-02 1/24/2001
SP-01-05 Crystal Beach Plaza, 5th Amend (Chili's) 34902 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-35 11/9/2001
SP-01-32 Crystal Bch Plza, 6th Amend (Holiday Inn Express) 34904 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-32 9/5/2001
11-10-SP Crystal Bch Plza, 7th Amend (Miller's Ale House) 34906 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-11-05 06/10/2011
12-03-SP Crystal Bch Plza, 8th Amend (Miller's Ale House) 34906 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-12-02 11/09/2011
Crystal Beach Townhomes
Crystal Beach Dr
Crystal Beach Townhomes
Crystal Beach Dr
SP-96-27 Crystal Dunes Condominium 2936 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-96-27 03/27/1996
SP-04-36 Crystal Sands 3290 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-05-01 10/8/2004
SP-97-27 Crystal Sands Condominiums - Dune Walkovers 3290 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-97-27 7/11/1997
SP-93-20 Crystal Sands Condominiums Phase I & II 3184 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-93-20 9/07/1993
SP-92-11 Crystal Shores 0 Ocean View Dr DO-92-11 10/05/1992
SP-98-01 Cuvee Beach Cellar & Wine Bar 36120 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-98-01 1/7/1998
SP-98-44 Cuvee Beach Cellar & Wine Bar, 1st Amend 36120 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-98-31 9/3/1998
SP-98-14 CVS (pka Eckerd & Main Street Plaza) 797 Harbor Blvd DO-98-16 3/25/1998
SP-02-05 CVS, 1st Amend 797 Harbor Blvd DO-02-25 6/7/2002
SP-02-35 CVS, 2nd Amend 797 Harbor Blvd DO-02-54 10/24/2002


Destin Shoppes
Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-08-15 Denny's Restaurant 1083 Highway 98 E DO-09-09 1/8/2009
SP-05-29 Design Scapes 322 Calhoun Ave DO-08-04 11/19/2007
SP-99-21 Designer Lamp & Shade 36254 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-32 7/22/1999
SP-99-21.1 Designer Lamp & Shade, 1st Amend 36254 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-45 10/29/1999
SP-97-46 Destin Assembly of God Addition 726 Legion Dr DO-97-46 11/03/1997
SP-98-15 Destin Assembly of God Addition, 1st Amend 726 Legion Dr DO-98-28 9/4/1998
SP-99-19 Destin Assisted Living Facility 1006 Airport Rd DO-99-39 10/26/1999
SP-96-04 Destin Auto Inc 34850 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-96-04 07/01/1996
SP-00-22 Destin Bank Financial Centre 2000 98 Palms Blvd DO-00-49 9/25/2000
SP-01-15 Destin Bank Financial Centre, 1st Amend 2000 98 Palms Blvd DO-01-20 6/5/2001
SP-02-03 Destin Bank Financial Centre, 2nd Amend 2000 98 Palms Blvd DO-02-10 2/26/2002
11-16-SP Destin Bay House 127 Calhoun Ave DO-12-01 11/09/2011
SP-98-04 Destin Campground Bath House Addition 209 Beach Dr DO-98-04 1/23/1998
SP-08-02 Destin Car Wash 1009 Highway 98 E No DO
SP-98-57 Destin Church of Christ Addition 150 Beach Dr DO-99-06 2/25/1999
SP-96-36 Destin Church of Christ Parking Lot Addition 150 Beach Dr DO-96-36 06/24/1996
SP-98-47 Destin Collision Center Addition 338 Mountain Dr DO-98-43 12/1/1998
SP-99-45 Destin Collision Center, 1st Amend 338 Mountain Dr DO-00-14 3/28/2000
SP-00-49 Destin Collision Center, 2nd Amend 338 Mountain Dr DO-00-51 10/11/2000
SP-00-03 Destin Commissary, The - Memphis BBQ & Ribs 36112 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-11 3/23/2000
SP-99-01 Destin Convenience Center 34920 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-12 4/6/1999
 16-31-SP  Destin Dog Park  3949 Commons Drive DO-16-14  09/12/2016
SP-99-04 Destin Downtown Shopping Plaza 0 Unknown No DO
SP-08-17 Destin Elementary Restroom 633 Kelly St DO-09-06 12/2/2008
SP-94-05 Destin First Baptist Church Educational Building 201 Beach Dr DO-94-05 3/7/1994
SP-00-07 Destin Fisherman's Co-Op Parking Lot 210 Harbor Blvd DO-00-30 5/30/2000
SP-94-01 Destin Fishing Fleet Marina 210 Harbor Blvd DO-94-01 1/3/1994
SP-02-40 Destin Harbor Hotel 104 Harbor Blvd DO-04-28 8/9/2004
SP-98-23 Destin Harbor Pointe 223 Durango Rd No DO
SP-93-11 Destin Health Care & Rehabilitation Center 195 Mattie M Kelly Blvd DO-93-11 03/02/93
SP-96-21 Destin Health Care & Rehabilitation Center 195 Mattie M Kelly Blvd DO-96-21 2/7/1996
SP-01-29 Destin House 315 Mountain Dr DO-02-33 8/12/2002
11-12-SP Destin House Boat Storage 315 Mountain Dr DO-11-08 7/25/2011
SP-98-39 Destin Ice Seafood & Krystal Restaurant 663 Harbor Blvd DO-98-35 10/20/1998
SP-99-16 Destin Ice Seafood & Krystal Rest, 1st Amend 663 Harbor Blvd DO-98-45 12/3/1998
SP-99-16.1 Destin Ice Seafood & Krystal Rest, 2nd Amend 663 Harbor Blvd DO-99-18 4/19/1999
SP-04-49 Destin Industrial Park Expansion 2 Industrial Park Ln DO-05-14 1/28/2005
SP-93-24 Destin Lanes 34876 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-93-24 07/06/1993
SP-99-05 Destin Lanes Addition 34876 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-13 4/5/1999
SP-00-06 Destin Lanes Addition, 1st Amend 34876 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-16 7/XX/2000
SP-00-52 Destin Library 150 Sibert Ave DO-01-11 5/30/2001
SP-01-18 Destin Library, 1st Amend 150 Sibert Ave DO-01-28 8/17/2001
SP-00-20 Destin Main Exchange 225 Main St DO-00-34 6/19/2000
SP-00-64 Destin Main Exchange, 1st Amend 225 Main St DO-01-14 4/9/2001
SP-01-25 Destin Medical Arts Building Plat 996 Airport Rd Withdrawn
SP-02-06 Destin Memorial Cemetery Phase II 120 Sibert Ave DO-02-24 6/3/2002
SP-02-34 Destin Memorial Cemetery Phase II, 1st Amend 120 Sibert Ave DO-02-36 7/26/2002
SP-93-06 Destin Mini-Storage 193 Stahlman Ave DO-93-06 2/1/1993
SP-98-24 Destin Mini-Storage II 165 Stahlman Ave DO-98-21 6/17/1998
SP-97-56 Destin Motor Company 226 Main St DO-97-56 12/29/1997
SP-98-60 Destin Motor Company, 1st Amend 226 Main St DO-98-41 11/19/1998
SP-99-02 Destin Motor Company, 2nd Amend 226 Main St DO-00-09 3/16/2000
SP-16-01 Destin Motor Company, 3rd Amend 226 Main St DO-16-10 5/16/2016
13-19-MS Destin Oaks
995 Airport Rd
Destin Oaks, 1st Amend
Airport Rd
15-12-SP Destin Oaks, 2nd Amend 995 Airport Rd DO-15-09 07/14/15
16-19-SP Destin Oaks, 4th Amend 995 Airport Rd DO-16-12 06/09/16
SP-09-11 Destin Pointe Pool Facility 74 Lands End Dr DO-09-18 09/25/2009
SP-93-18 Destin Pointe Resort 480 Gulf Shore Dr DO-93-18 9/7/1993
SP-96-15 Destin Racquet & Fitness Center 995 Airport Rd DO-96-15 1/9/1996
SP-99-03 Destin Racquet & Fitness Center, 1st Amend 995 Airport Rd DO-99-11 4/5/1999
SP-03-23 Destin RV Center 120 Industrial Park Rd DO-04-04 1/23/2004
SP-02-67 Destin Seafood Addition 9 Calhoun Ave Withdrawn
SP-16-05 Destin Shoppes 1012

US Hwy 98 E

DO-16-09 5/16/2016
SP-01-10 Destin Shopping Ctr, 2nd Amend (Shipwreck, LTD) 960 Highway 98 E DO-02-13 3/6/2002
SP-04-53 Destin Shopping Center, 3rd Amend 960 Highway 98 E DO-05-05 11/12/2004
SP-01-09 Destin Southern Linc 500 Industrial Park Rd DO-01-24 8/9/2001
SP-99-20 Destin Surgery Center, 1st Amend 996 Airport Rd DO-99-21 5/10/1999
SP-07-17 Destin Surgery Center, 2nd Amend 996 Airport Rd DO-08-05 11/26/2007
SP-00-31 Destin Tile & Marble (Airport Rd) 838 Airport Rd DO-00-48 9/20/2000
SP-99-26 Destin Tile & Marble (ECP) 36246 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-30 6/29/1999
SP-00-23 Destin Tile & Marble (ECP), 1st Amend 36246 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-21 5/1/2000
SP-99-35 Destin United Methodist Church Office Addition 200 Beach Dr DO-99-44 10/12/1999
SP-07-09 Destin United Methodist Church Power Center 200 Beach Dr DO-08-02 10/17/2007
SP-09-09 Destin United Methodist Power Center, 1st Amend 200 Beach Dr DO-09-13 5/15/2009
SP-93-19 Destin United Methodist Church Sanctuary Addition 200 Beach Dr DO-93-19 9/7/1993
SP-07-16 Destin Watersports 390 Harbor Blvd DO-08-12 3/28/2008
SP-10-01 Destin Watersports, 1st Amend 390 Harbor Blvd DO-10-01 11/5/09
SP-00-02 Destination Café, The Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-20 5/16/2000
SP-95-03 Destination Commercial Subdivision 36086 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-95-03 3/7/1995
11-13-SP Destin-FWB Airport, 10th Amend (Taxilane) 1001 Airport Rd DO-11-09 08/22/2011
Destin-FWB Airport, 11th Amend (Control Tower)
Airport Rd
DO-15-04 06/19/15
SP-04-21 Destin-FWB Airport, Destin Jet 1001 Airport Rd DO-06-12 6/30/2006
SP-07-10 Destin-FWB Airport, Destin Jet, 1st Amend 1001 Airport Rd DO-07-10 3/8/2007
SP-08-05 Destin-FWB Airport, Destin Jet, 2nd Amend 1001 Airport Rd DO-08-16 4/15/2008
SP-09-05 Destin-FWB Airport, Destin Jet, 3rd Amendment 1001 Airport Rd Withdrawn
SP-04-19 Destin-FWB Airport, General Aviation Terminal 1001 Airport Rd DO-05-06 11/18/2004
SP-06-06 Destin-FWB Airport, Gen Aviation Term, 1st Amend 1001 Airport Rd DO-06-19 01/04/2006
SP-04-35 Destin-FWB Airport, Hangars Block 10 & 11 1001 Airport Rd DO-06-03 6/6/2006
SP-08-09 Destin-FWB Airport, Hangars Blk 10 & 11, 1st Amd 1001 Airport Rd DO-08-20 5/15/2008
SP-99-43 Destin-FWB Airport, Hangers 1001 Airport Rd DO-00-36 7/3/2000
SP-95-15 Destiny by the Sea 0 Ocean Blvd DO-95-15 11/20/1995
SP-98-48 Destiny by the Sea, 1st Amend - Plat Only 0 Ocean Blvd DO-98-38 11/4/1998
SP-98-42 Destiny Commercial Center Phase I 36164 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-04 2/18/1999
SP-98-54 Destiny Commercial Center Phase I 36164 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-04 2/18/1999
SP-01-01 Destiny Commercial Center Phase I, 1st Amend 36164 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-18 5/25/2001
SP-01-35 Destiny Commercial Center Phase I, 2nd Amend 36164 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-41 10/12/2001
SP-02-36 Destiny Commercial Center Phase II 36150 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-02-57 11/25/2002
SP-03-17 Destiny Commercial Center Phase II, 1st Amend 36150 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-04-26 7/26/2004
SP-04-33 Destiny Commercial Center Phase II, 3rd Amend 36150 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-04-27 7/26/2004
SP-95-16 Destiny East 0 Isle of Palms Blvd DO-95-16 11/20/1995
SP-96-23 Destiny East, 1st Amend (Phases 2-4) 0 Isle of Palms Blvd DO-96-23 3/6/1996
SP-93-29 Destiny PUD 0 Grand Palms Blvd DO-93-29 12/06/1993
SP-96-11 Destiny PUD, 1st Amend 0 Grand Palms Blvd DO-96-11 11/04/1996
SP-93-22 Destiny Shores PUD 3462 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-93-22 10/4/1993
SP-95-05 Dolphin Run (Signature Beach) 1816 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-95-05 3/7/1995
SP-02-54 Donut Hole Parking Lot 635 Harbor Blvd DO-03-12 7/22/2003
SP-02-47 Downtown Destin Shopping Center Renovation 761 Harbor Blvd DO-03-02 1/28/2003
SP-03-27 Downtown Destin Shopping Center, 1st Amendment 761 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-03-21 Dunes of Crystal Beach 2780 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-03-31 9/30/2003
SP-05-15 Dunes of Crystal Beach, 1st Amendment 2780 Scenic Hwy 98 Withdrawn
SP-92-01 Dunes of Destin 0 Sand Print Dr DO-92-01 1/21/1992
SP-97-11 Dunnie Emmert Development 2378 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-97-11 4/8/1997
SP-95-07 Durango Winds Townhomes 130 Durango Rd DO-95-07 4/17/1995
SP-04-48 DWU Administration Building (Main St) 218 Main St DO-05-36 8/26/2005
SP-07-02 DWU Administration Building, 1st Amend 218 Main St DO-07-08 1/25/2007
SP-08-19 DWU Administration Building, 2nd Amend 218 Main St DO-08-25 9/10/2008
SP-09-12 DWU Administration Building, 3rd Amend 218 Main St DO-09-15 08/04/2009
SP-99-48 DWU Administration Building Addition (Benning Dr) 135 Benning Dr DO-00-05 3/1/2000
SP-01-30 DWU French Reclamation Facility Phase 6 & 7 14 Industrial Park Ln DO-02-05 1/28/2002
SP-04-02 DWU French Reclaim Facility Ph 6 & 7, 1st Amend 14 Industrial Park Ln DO-04-15 5/12/2004
SP-06-09 DWU French Reclaim Facility Ph 6 & 7, 2nd Amend 14 Industrial Park Ln DO-06-06 3/22/2006
SP-99-11 DWU Lab 14 Industrial Park Ln DO-99-09 3/12/1999
SP-03-03 DWU Phase II Water System Improvements 4515 Luke Ave DO-03-11 5/6/2003
SP-98-07 DWU Reclaimed Water Storage Tank 14 Industrial Park Ln DO-98-07 2/4/1998
SP-04-28 DWU Tank Industrial Lane Antennas 14 Industrial Park Ln DO-05-27 8/8/2005
16-02-SP Destin Pointe HOA- Magnolia House Pool 480 Gulf Shore Drive DO-16-04 12/04/15
15-31-SP Destin Oaks Townhomes, 3rd Amendment 995 Airport DO-16-03 12/4/15


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-93-26 Eagles Landing Subdivision 0 Skyler Run DO-93-26 11/1/1993
SP-98-63 East Pass Marina 288 Harbor Blvd DO-99-02 2/5/1999
SP-02-52 East Pass Marina, 1st Amendment (The Dock Shop) 288-B Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-95-09 Edwin Watts Golf Shop 34898 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-95-09 05/17/95
SP-04-17 Eglin Federal Credit Union Destin 180 Main St DO-04-16 7/19/2004
SP-05-18 Eglin Federal Credit Union Destin, 1st Amend 180 Main St DO-05-22 5/31/2005
SP-00-63 Emerald Coast Business Park 124 Benning Dr DO-01-06 3/21/2001
SP-99-27 Emerald Coast Centre Addition 14071 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-22 5/15/2000
16-06-SP Emerald Coast Centre Addtion, 3rd Amend 15001 Emerald Coast Pkwy
SP-01-11 EC Centre Addition, 1st Amend (People's First) 14075 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-37 10/31/2001
SP-02-01 EC Centre Addition, 2nd Amend (Ruby Tuesday) 14073 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-02-34 7/22/2002
SP-99-40 Emerald Coast Industrial Park 150 Industrial Park Rd DO-00-02 1/24/2000
SP-00-13.1 Emerald Coast Industrial Park, 1st Amend 150 Industrial Park Rd DO-00-06 2/24/2000
SP-00-13.2 Emerald Coast Industrial Park, 2nd Amend 150 Industrial Park Rd DO-00-27 5/11/2000
SP-00-27 Emerald Coast Industrial Park, 3rd Amend 150 Industrial Park Rd DO-00-32 6/5/2000
SP-04-41 Emerald Coast Industrial Park, 4th Amend 150 Industrial Park Rd DO-07-15 7/17/2007
SP-97-42 Emerald Coast Lighting & Supply Wholesale 4644 Gulfstarr Dr DO-97-42 10/28/1997
SP-98-35 Emerald Coast Pest Control Office Building 168 Azalea Dr DO-98-27 7/29/1998
SP-92-13 Emerald Coast Texaco Station 34884 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-92-13 11/2/1992
SP-93-17 Emerald Dunes Condominium 2934 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-93-17 09/07/1993
SP-94-18 Emerald Dunes Condominium 2934 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-94-18 05/16/1994
SP-06-01 Emerald Harbor (BlueGreen) 113 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-94-41 Emerald Heights PUD 0 Trista Terrace Ct DO-94-41 12/05/1994
SP-97-05 Emerald Oaks Townhomes 715 Forest St DO-97-05 02/07/1997
SP-07-19 Estates at Indian Pointe, The 4141 Indian Trail DO-07-19 9/28/2007
SP-08-03 Estates at Indian Pointe, 1st Amend 4141 Indian Trail DO-08-14 3/27/2008
SP-08-18 Estates at Indian Pointe, 2nd Amend 4141 Indian Trail DO-08-23 9/4/2008
SP-07-23 Express Oil Change of Destin 36100 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-08-07 12/5/2007


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-98-37 Family Christian Fellowship 0 Unknown No DO
SP-94-21 Fat Tuesday's Restaurant 2 Harbor Blvd DO-94-21 6/17/1994
SP-98-38 First Baptist Academy 210 Beach Dr Withdrawn
SP-01-33 First Baptist Church of Destin Expansion 201 Beach Dr DO-02-31 7/9/2002
SP-98-30 First Baptist Church of Destin, 1st Amend 201 Beach Dr DO-99-14 3/26/1999
SP-98-32 First Northwest Florida Bank 1020 Airport Rd DO-98-37 10/28/1998
SP-00-30 First Presbyterian Church - Taylor Fellowship Hall 154 Calhoun Ave DO-00-41 7/31/2000
SP-91-06 Flamingo Café Addition & Parking Lot Expansion 414 Harbor Blvd DO-91-06 12/02/1991
13-05-SP Flamingo Café, 1st Amend (Boshamp's) 414 Harbor Blvd DO-13-01 11/26/2012
SP-08-20 Fleet Marina, The 210 Harbor Blvd
SP-99-06 Florida Golf Outlet 36066 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-15 4/18/1999
SP-99-54 Florida Golf Outlet, 1st Amend 36066 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-23 5/11/1999


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-94-26 Gagne Office Supply Addition 217 Main St DO-94-26 07/19/1994
SP-02-38 Galati Yacht Center 126 Harbor Blvd DO-03-22 8/20/2003
SP-03-34 Galati Yacht Center, 1st Amend 126 Harbor Blvd DO-04-25 7/21/2004
SP-97-37 Golden Corral 717 Harbor Blvd DO-97-37 09/17/1997
15-24-SP Goodwill Retail Store of Destin 747 Harbor Blvd DO-06-07 01/29/2016
SP-94-43 Grand Caribbean East 3191 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-94-43 10/03/1994
SP-93-28 Grand Caribbean East & West 3191 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-93-28 11/1/1993
SP-97-34 Grand Harbor Condominium 662 Harbor Blvd DO-97-34 8/27/1997
SP-98-27 Grand Harbor Condominium, 1st Amend 662 Harbor Blvd DO-98-19 6/16/1998
SP-00-28 Grand Harbor Condominium, 2nd Amend 662 Harbor Blvd DO-01-22 7/19/2001
SP-92-17 Grand Isle Grill Restaurant 1771 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-92-17 08/03/1992
SP-93-14 Grand Oaks Subdivision 0 Grand Oaks Way DO-93-14 8/2/1993
SP-94-37 Grand Palms at Destiny PUD 3461 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-94-37 11/07/1994
 17-06-SP Gregg Orr Marine Auto Moto Dealership 613  Harbor Blvd    
SP-01-06 Gulf Power - Destin Substation Addition 206 Main St DO-01-15 4/25/2001
11-01-SP Gulf Power Henderson Park Substation 34854 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-11-03 2/4/2011
SP-94-40 Gulf Winds Court Townhomes 115 Gulf Winds Ct DO-94-40 11/21/1994


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-93-25 Hampton Inn 1625 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-93-25 11/1/1993
SP-96-28 Hampton Inn, 1st Amend 1625 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-96-28 4/5/1996
12-16-SP Hampton Inn, 2nd Amend 1625 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-12-09 08/16/2012
15-11-MS Hanshaw Subdivision 315 Snapper Dr DO-15-13 07/31/15
SP-90-02 Happy Stores 508 671 Harbor Blvd DO-90-02 11/05/1990
SP-92-04 Harbor Breeze 0 Misty Way DO-92-04 04/06/1992
SP-92-05 Harbor Breeze, 1st Addition 0 Misty Ct DO-92-05 05/04/1992
SP-94-03 Harbor Breeze, 2nd Addition 0 Harborwind Ct DO-94-03 03/07/1994
SP-94-04 Harbor Breeze, 3rd Addition 0 Gulf Mist Ct DO-94-04 03/07/1994
SP-99-39 Harbor Breeze Plaza Townhome Subdiv, 2nd Amd 983 Airport Rd DO-00-23 05/15/2000
SP-10-03 Harbor Docks Office Bldg 542 Harbor Blvd DO-10-03 12/31/2009
SP-99-12 Harbor Docks, 1st Amend 538 Harbor Blvd DO-99-17 4/14/1999
SP-03-18 Harbor Imports 643 Harbor Blvd DO-03-38 10/20/2003
SP-00-47 Harbor Landing 725 Gulf Shore Dr DO-02-28 9/6/2002
SP-97-31 Harbor Landing 725 Gulf Shore Dr DO-97-31 08/14/1997
SP-03-10 Harbor Landing, 1st Amend 725 Gulf Shore Dr DO-04-01 11/18/2003
SP-98-25 Harbor Landing, 1st Amend 725 Gulf Shore Dr DO-98-26 7/16/1998
SP-04-15 Harbor Landing, 2nd Amend 725 Gulf Shore Dr DO-04-29 8/30/2004
SP-04-46 Harbor Landing, 3rd Amend 725 Gulf Shore Dr DO-05-31 8/4/2005
SP-94-30 Harbor Lights Condominium 211 Durango Rd DO-94-30 08/15/1994
SP-96-14 Harbor Lights Condominium 211 Durango Rd DO-96-14 01/09/1996
SP-02-24 Harbor Lights 211 Durango Rd DO-02-56 10/25/2002
SP-04-14 Harbor Lights, 1st Amend 211 Durango Rd DO-05-11 1/3/2005
SP-00-14 Harbor Marina & Storage 302 Harbor Blvd DO-01-17 6/7/2001
SP-04-26 Harbor Marina & Storage, 1st Amend (Harbor Seafood) 302 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-96-26 Harbor Place 508 Harbor Blvd DO-96-26 3/8/1996
SP-94-34 Harbor Place Townhomes PUD 725 Gulf Shore Dr DO-94-34 10/17/1994
SP-97-18 Harbor Plantation 724 Harbor Blvd DO-97-18 06/23/1997
SP-07-07 Harbor Reflections 530 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-07-11 Harbor Reflections 530 Harbor Blvd DO-08-11 3/17/2008
SP-99-23 Harbor View Park 698 Harbor Blvd DO-99-34 10/8/1999
SP-00-42 Harbor View Park, 1st Amend 698 Harbor Blvd DO-00-42 8/1/2000
SP-92-16 HarborWalk Shopping Center 10 Harbor Blvd DO-92-16 06/01/1992
SP-97-22 HarborWalk Shopping Center 10 Harbor Blvd DO-97-22 05/26/1997
SP-98-55 Harborwalk Shopping Center 10 Harbor Blvd
SP-98-65 Harborwalk Shopping Center 10 Harbor Blvd
SP-99-34 Harborwalk Shopping Center 10 Harbor Blvd No DO
SP-00-57 HarborWalk Village 10 Harbor Blvd DO-02-55 1/28/2003
SP-04-04 HarborWalk Village, 1st Amend 10 Harbor Blvd DO-04-13 3/19/2004
SP-04-27 HarborWalk Village, 2nd Amend 10 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-06-02 HarborWalk Village, 3rd Amend 100 Harbor Blvd DO-10-02 12/18/2010
SP-08-08 HarborWalk Village, 4th Amend 10 Harbor Blvd DO-08-19 5/19/2008
SP-97-20 Harvest House 300 Mountain Dr DO-97-20 06/13/1997
SP-99-28.2 Heapy Warehouse 4636 Gulfstarr Dr DO-99-36 08/16/1999
SP-99-28.1 Heapy Warehouse, 1st Amend 4636 Gulfstarr Dr DO-00-28 805/12/200
SP-05-17 Hemingway 520 Sibert Ave DO-06-04 01/18/2006
Henderson Beach Resort Subdivision
Henderson Resort Way
Henderson Beach Resort
Henderson Resort Way
Henderson Beach Resort, 1st Amend
Henderson Resort Way
Henderson Beach Resort, 2nd Amend
16-09-SP Henderson Beach Resort, 4th Amend 2700 Scenic Hwy
SP-09-04 Henderson Beach Resort, Preliminary 2700 Henderson Resort Way DO-09-12 04/20/2009
SP-98-45 Henderson Beach State Park, 1st Amend 17000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-98-44 12/1/1998
SP-07-01 Henderson Beach State Park, 2nd Amend 17000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-07-07 12/20/2006
SP-07-22 Henderson Beach State Park, 3rd Amend 17000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-08-01 10/9/2007
SP-08-10 Henderson Beach State Park, 4th Amend 17000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-09-02 10/29/2008
SP-09-10 Henderson Beach State Park, 5th Amend 17000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-09-14 07/22/2009
16-14-SP Henderson Beach Villas, 1st amendment 2716 Hwy 98 E
SP-03-14 Heron Harbor Redevelopment 314 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-04-03 Hidden Harbor 742 Harbor Blvd DO-05-26 3/1/2005
SP-96-12 Hidden Pines 0 Lauren Ct DO-96-12 12/16/1996
SP-02-48 High Caliber Sporting Goods 36250 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-03-10 3/12/2003
SP-97-12 Hog's Breath Saloon & Eatery 541 Harbor Blvd DO-97-12 4/9/1997
SP-98-10 Hog's Breath Saloon & Eatery, 1st Amend 541 Harbor Blvd DO-98-10 3/30/1998
Hog's Breath Saloon Corporate Offices
Mountain Dr DO-14-04
SP-99-30 Holiday Beach Resort Phase II 1006 Highway 98 E DO-99-46 11/29/1999
SP-01-46 Holiday Beach Resort Phase II, 1st Amend 1006 Highway 98 E DO-02-21 4/10/2002
SP-06-25 Holiday Inn Express, 1st Amend 108 Hutchinson St No DO
SP-93-27 Holiday Isle Towers 770 Gulf Shore Dr DO-93-27 11/01/1993
SP-94-17 Holiday Isle Towers 770 Gulf Shore Dr DO-94-17 05/02/1994
SP-98-36 Holiday Isle Towers, 1st Amend 770 Gulf Shore Dr DO-98-42 1/27/1999
SP-02-61 Home Place Furniture 36000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-03-30 9/29/2003
16-18-SP Honey Baked Ham of Destin 137 & 155 Crystal Drive DO-16-11 5/16/2016
SP-04-40 Hutchinson Street Plaza 171 Hutchinson St DO-05-02 10/12/2004
SP-97-08 Hutchinson Street Plaza 171 Hutchinson St DO-97-08 4/4/1997
Hy-Tech Landscaping
Mountain Dr
15-04-SP Hy-Tech Landscaping, 1st Amend
Mountain Dr
15-09-SP Hy-Tech Landscaping, 2nd Amend 515 Mountain Dr DO-15-07 05/18/2015


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-02-56 Immanuel Anglican Church 250 Indian Bayou Trl DO-03-21 7/22/2003
SP-04-37 Immanuel Anglican Church, 1st Amend 250 Indian Bayou Trl DO-04-24 7/21/2004
SP-92-02 Indian Creek Subdivision 0 Indian Bayou N DO-92-02 3/3/1992
SP-94-14 Indian Trail Apartments 420 Oak Harbour Ln DO-94-14 5/2/1994
SP-91-01 Indian Trail Estates 0 Indigo Cir DO-91-01 5/6/1991
SP-94-19 Indian Trail Subdivision 3960 Indian Trail DO-94-19 6/6/1994
SP-94-23 Indian Trail Subdivision Phase II 0 Sunchase Blvd DO-94-23 7/5/1994
SP-94-20 Indian Woods Subdivision 0 Mesa Rd DO-94-20 6/6/1994
SP-08-16 Industrial Park Building Addition 160 Industrial Park Rd DO-09-03 11/17/2008
SP-05-30 Industrial Park Building, 1st Amend 160 Industrial Park Rd DO-05-39 9/29/2005
SP-94-22 Inn at Crystal Beach (pka Summerchase) 2996 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-94-22 08/01/1994
SP-94-29 Inn at Crystal Beach, 1st Amend 2996 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-94-29 08/01/1994
SP-01-13 Inn at Crystal Beach Restaurant Expansion (Beachwalk Café) 2996 Scenic Hwy 98 No DO
SP-01-12 Inn at Crystal Beach Telecommunications Antenna 2996 Scenic Hwy 98 Withdrawn
SP-06-24 Insurance of America Office Bldg 4634 Gulfstarr Dr DO-07-06 12/13/2006
SP-92-15 Island House 700 Gulf Shore Dr DO-92-15 12/7/1992
SP-94-08 Island House Condominium 700 Gulf Shore Dr DO-94-08 3/7/1994
SP-94-15 Islander Condominium Accessory Bldg 502 Gulf Shore Dr DO-94-15 5/2/1994


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-99-24 Jade East Pool Reconstruction 1018 Highway 98 E DO-99-33 10/22/1999
SP-91-05 Jade East Towers 1018 Highway 98 E DO-91-05 11/21/1991
SP-96-20 Jade East Towers Clubhouse 1018 Highway 98 E DO-96-20 2/7/1996
SP-00-35 Jade East Towers, 1st Amend 1018 Highway 98 E DO-00-50 10/17/2000
SP-02-18 Jade East Towers, 2nd Amend 1018 Highway 98 E DO-02-38 8/14/2002
SP-02-23 Jade East Towers, 3rd Amend 1018 Highway 98 E DO-02-30 7/3/2002
SP-02-30 Jade East Towers, 4th Amend 1018 Highway 98 E DO-02-46 9/24/2002
SP-02-62 Jade East Towers, 5th Amend 1018 Highway 98 E DO-03-03 1/28/2003
SP-99-31 Jetty East Pool Reconstruction 500 Gulf Shore Dr DO-99-42 10/11/1999
SP-97-15 Jim Welborne's Wholesale Outlet 36086 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-15 04/15/1997
SP-98-29 Joe Muggs Café at Books-a-Million 15003 Emerald Coast Pkwy Withdrawn
SP-99-15 Joe's Bayou Boat Ramp 800 Beach Dr DO-99-24 5/24/1999
SP-00-24 Joe's Bayou Boat Ramp, 1st Amend 800 Beach Dr DO-00-29 5/18/2000
SP-97-06 John H Elamad Office Bldg 36043 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-06 02/11/1997
Johnny O'Quigley's Ale House & Marina
Harbor Blvd
15-22-SP Johnny O'Quigley's Ale House & Marina, 1st Amend 172 Harbor Blvd DO-15-12 07/28/15
15-27-SP Johnny O'Quigley's Ale House & Marina 2nd Amend 172 Harbor Blvd DO-15-15 09/30/15
SP-93-15 Jordan's Mixed Use Development 506 Harbor Blvd DO-93-15 8/2/1993
SP-02-66 June White Decker Park 1950 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-03-26 9/24/2003
SP-00-56 Just-Rite Supply Warehouse 4648 Gulfstarr Dr DO-01-01 1/26/2001
SP-02-43 Just-Rite Supply Warehouse, 1st Amend 4648 Gulfstarr Dr DO-02-39 8/15/2002


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-94-10 Kelleys Place Resubdivision 335 Stahlman Ave DO-94-10 4/4/1994
SP-98-58.1 Kellum Office Complex 985 Airport Rd DO-99-01 3/18/1999
SP-98-58.2 Kellum Professional Office Plaza 985 Airport Rd DO-99-29 9/22/1999
SP-07-18 Kellum Professional Office Plaza, 1st Amend 985 Airport Rd DO-07-17 8/31/2007
SP-09-01 Kellum Professional Office Plaza, 2nd Amend 985 Airport Rd DO-09-01 10/27/2008
SP-96-35 Krispy Kreme 795 Harbor Blvd DO-96-35 6/9/1996


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-04-47 La Place USA Interiors 36194 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-05-12 1/12/2005
SP-07-04 La Place USA Interiors, 1st Amend 36194 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-07-13 6/18/2007
SP-01-36 LA Unwired - DWU Water Tower 14 Industrial Park Ln DO-01-47 1/8/2002
SP-06-15 Le Mélange 14060 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-07-05 12/4/2006
SP-09-03 Le Mélange, 1st Amend 14060 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-09-07 11/26/2008
16-37-SP  Legacy Lifestyles of Destin 307  Beach Drive    
SP-96-18 Legendary Self-Storage 950 Airport Rd DO-96-18 02/07/1996
SP-97-02 Legendary Self-Storage, 1st Amend 950 Airport Rd DO-97-02 01/21/1997
SP-98-41 Legendary Self-Storage, 2nd Amend 950 Airport Rd DO-98-32 12/01/1998
SP-98-62 Legendary Self-Storage, Phase II, 3rd Amend 950 Airport Rd DO-99-20 4/27/1999
SP-00-05 Legendary Self-Storage, Phase II, 4th Amend 950 Airport Rd DO-00-19 4/19/2000
SP-94-09 Legion Cove PUD 0 Nautica Way DO-94-09 4/3/1994
SP-98-33 Lemak Parking Lot 107 Harbor Blvd DO-98-23 7/24/1998
SP-01-42 Lichorwic Dental/Office Bldg 4635 Gulfstarr Dr DO-02-08 2/5/2002
12-20-SP Liquor Fast 34880 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-12-10 08/24/2012
SP-09-08 Lot 160 - Destin Pointe 3614 Waverly Cir DO-10-06 06/07/2010


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-02-41 Madie Court Subdivision 0 Pine St DO-03-15 11/20/2003
SP-01-41 Mae Center Elevator Addition 385 Harbor Blvd DO-01-45 12/19/2001
SP-01-37 Magnificent Seven Condominiums 402 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-03-09 Magnolia Park Phase II, 1st Amend 150 Bent Arrow Dr DO-03-35 10/13/2003
SP-96-08 Magnolia Park PUD 150 Bent Arrow Dr DO-96-08 08/19/1996
SP-97-16 Magnolia Park PUD, 1st Amend 150 Bent Arrow Dr DO-97-16 4/24/1997
SP-98-34 Magnolia Park PUD, 2nd Amend 150 Bent Arrow Dr DO-98-33 10/15/1998
SP-98-12 Main Street Park 605 Main St DO-98-12 2/12/1998
SP-99-29 Marbella 770 Harbor Blvd DO-99-35 9/11/1999
SP-99-33 Marbella, 1st Amend 770 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-00-17 Marbella, 2nd Amend 770 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-02-20 Marbella, 3rd Amend 770 Harbor Blvd DO-02-35 7/22/2002
SP-04-08 Marbella, 4th Amend 770 Harbor Blvd DO-04-03 1/16/2004
SP-04-22 Marbella, 5th Amend 770 Harbor Blvd DO-04-31 10/4/2004
11-15-SP Marbella, 6th Amend 768 Harbor Blvd DO-11-07 07/18/2011
SP-00-01 Marler Condominium 104 Harbor Blvd DO-00-24 6/15/2000
12-01-SP Marler Street Parking Lot 285 Harbor Blvd DO-12-03 02/07/2012
13-17-SP Marler Street Parking Lot, 1st Amend 285 Harbor Blvd DO-13-07 06/26/2013
SP-05-14 Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation 4323 Commons Dr DO-05-30 6/27/2005
SP-06-16 Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, 1st Amend 4323 Commons Dr DO-06-11 6/16/2006
SP-07-15 Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, 2nd Amend 4323 Commons Dr DO-07-11 4/25/2007
13-02-SP Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, 3rd Amend 4323 Commons Dr DO-13-05 01/15/2013
SP-99-18 Mattie Kelly Park 825 Beach Dr DO-99-24 5/24/1999
SP-97-32 McInnis Office Bldg 137 Kel-Wen Cir DO-97-32 8/25/1997
SP-93-07 Medical Center 1008 Airport Rd DO-93-07 3/2/1993
SP-96-10 Medical Center, The, Phase II 1008 Airport Rd DO-96-10 12/16/1996
SP-00-08 Ming Retail Sales 331 Harbor Blvd DO-00-15 3/30/2000
SP-00-34 Ming Retail Sales, 1st Amend 331 Harbor Blvd DO-00-40 7/12/2000
SP-00-54 Ming Retail Sales, 2nd Amend 331 Harbor Blvd DO-01-09 3/21/2001
SP-03-08 Ming Retail Sales, 3rd Amend 331 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-98-67 Ming Storage 326 Mountain Dr DO-99-07 2/16/1999
SP-97-14 Moody's Deep Sea Fishing 194 Harbor Blvd DO-97-14 04/14/1997
SP-98-19 Morgan Sports Center 3950 Commons Dr DO-99-38 9/30/1999
SP-98-99 Morgan Sports Center 3950 Commons Dr DO-98-99 05/26/1998
SP-97-17 Morgan Sports Center Practice Baseball Fields 3950 Commons Dr DO-97-17 04/30/1997
SP-98-05 Morgan SC Practice Baseball Fields, 1st Amend 3950 Commons Dr DO-98-05 1/22/1998
SP-98-97 Morgan Sports Center, 1st Amend 3950 Commons Dr DO-98-97 09/08/1998
SP-99-99 Morgan Sports Center, 2nd Amend 3950 Commons Dr DO-99-99 05/03/1999
SP-00-69 Morgan Sports Center, 3rd Amend 3950 Commons Dr DO-01-07 4/19/2001
SP-05-06 Mountain Drive Commercial 525 Mountain Dr DO-05-17 3/21/2005
SP-99-14 Mountain Drive Office Bldg 118 Palmetto Dr DO-99-41 10/28/1999
SP-00-60 Mountain Drive Office Park 216 Mountain Dr DO-01-04 2/7/2001
SP-98-96 MSB Inc, Accessory Structure 116 Harbor Blvd DO-98-18 5/11/1998
MSB Warehouse
Mountain Dr


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-94-07 Nabors/Region Bank Office Bldg 35008 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-94-07 3/7/1994
SP-94-02 Nantucket Cottages PUD 69 Crystal Beach Dr DO-94-02 2/7/1994
SP-94-27 Nantucket Cottages, 1st Amend 69 Crystal Beach Dr DO-94-27 08/01/1994
SP-97-45 NAPA Auto Parts 519 Mountain Dr DO-97-45 10/28/1997
SP-04-18 Narconon Gulf Coast 3391 Scenic Hwy 98 No DO
SP-00-48 Naskart Raceway 34850 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-19 5/25/2001
Naskart Raceway, 1st Amend
Emerald Coast Pkwy
SP-99-42 Nextel Partners Communications Antennae 970 Highway 98 E DO-00-03 2/14/2000
SP-04-45 Norriego Pointe 1 Gulf Shore Dr DO-05-25 5/20/2005
SP-05-16 North Beach Condominium 1 Calhoun Ave Withdrawn
SP-04-20 Novak Medical Office 994 Airport Rd DO-06-01 10/20/2005
SP-08-06 Novak Medical Office, 1st Amend 994 Airport Rd DO-08-17 4/11/2008
15-21-SP Nabors/Regions Office Building, 1st Amendment 35008 Emerald Coast pkwy DO-16-02 11/20/15


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-93-05 Oak Harbor PUD 3863 Indian Trail DO-93-05 2/1/1993
SP-97-35 Oak Harbour Village, Phase II 3863 Indian Trail DO-97-35 9/10/1997
SP-98-18 Oaks Inn, The 100 Calhoun Ave DO-98-25 7/19/1998
SP-00-70 Oaks Inn, 1st Amend 100 Calhoun Ave DO-00-57 02/20/2000
SP-01-03 Oaks Inn, 2nd Amend 100 Calhoun Ave DO-01-31 9/6/2001
SP-94-11 Oceania Condominium 720 Gulf Shore Dr DO-94-11 4/4/1994
SP-04-01 Old Bay Village Phase 1 200 Mattie M Kelly Blvd DO-04-05 1/27/2004
SP-05-27 Old Bay Village Phase 1, 1st Amend 200 Mattie M Kelly Blvd DO-06-08 3/22/2006
SP-04-16 Old Bay Village Phase 2 400 Mattie M Kelly Blvd DO-04-17 6/29/2004
SP-04-54 Old Bay Village Phase 2, 1st Amend 400 Mattie M Kelly Blvd DO-05-07 11/23/2004
13-03-SP Old Bay Village Phase 2, 2nd Amend 400 Mattie M Kelly Blvd DO-13-02 12/07/2012
16-29-SP Old Bay Village Phase 2, 3rd Amend 500 Mattie M Kelly Blvd
SP-99-32 Old Florida Club 0 Unknown No DO
SP-96-02 Old South Center 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-96-02 07/01/1996
SP-97-30a Old South Center Phase I 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-30a 7/9/1996
SP-97-50 Old South Center Phase II, 1st Amend 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-50 11/07/1997
SP-99-50 Old South Center Phase II, 2nd Amend 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-01 1/5/2000
SP-00-21 Old South Center Phase II, 3rd Amend 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-46 8/28/2000
SP-00-32 Old South Center Phase II, 4th Amend 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-35 6/15/2000
SP-00-40 Old South Center Phase II, 5th Amend 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy No DO 7/18/2000
SP-04-06 Old South Center Phase II, 6th Amend 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-04-07 2/9/2004
SP-05-19 Old South Center Phase II, 7th Amend 36468 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-05-34 8/22/2005
SP-99-49 Olympia, The 625 Lagoon Dr DO-00-12 3/29/2000
SP-00-37 One Fish Two Fish Restaurant 204 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-03-15 One Fish Two Fish Restaurant 204 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
Osprey Landing 825 Airport Rd DO-14-13
SP-06-07 O'Sullivan Creel Office Bldg 36474C Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-06-13 6/14/2006


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-98-53 Palace, The - A Retail Store 1074 Highway 98 E DO-98-40 11/20/1998
SP-04-29 Palms of Destin (pka Royal Palms) 4201 Indian Bayou Trl DO-05-04 10/27/2004
SP-06-18 Palms of Destin, 1st Amend 4201 Indian Bayou Trl DO-07-09 1/25/2007
SP-06-27 Palms of Destin, 2nd Amend 4201 Indian Bayou Trl DO-07-09 1/25/2007
SP-10-02 Palms of Destin, 3rd Amend 4201 Indian Bayou Trl DO-10-04 02/24/2010
SP-99-07 Papa John 36088 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-19 4/20/1999
SP-99-09 Papa John, 1st Amend 36088 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-37 8/19/1999
SP-02-57 Peacock's Pointe 901 Peacock Point Dr DO-03-16 6/26/2003
SP-04-25 Peacock's Pointe, 1st Amend 901 Peacock Point Dr DO-04-21 7/14/2004
SP-04-34 Peale Trust V Office Warehouse 261 Azalea Dr DO-05-23 06/17/2005
SP-02-55 Pelican Beach Deck & Boardwalk Addition 1002 Highway 98 E DO-03-01 1/16/2003
SP-98-20 Pelican Beach Resort - Cellular Antennas 1002 Highway 98 E DO-98-17 6/3/1998
SP-94-24 Pelican Beach Resort DRI 1002 Highway 98 E DO-94-24 7/5/1994
SP-97-01 Pelican Beach Resort Phase I, 1st Amend 1002 Highway 98 E DO-97-01 01/10/97
SP-98-13 Pelican Beach Resort, Phase II - The Terrace 970 Highway 98 E DO-98-13 3/3/1998
SP-96-32 Pelican Place Townhomes East 235 Pelican Pl DO-96-32 5/23/1996
SP-97-19 Pelican Place Townhomes East & West 234 Pelican Pl DO-97-19 6/2/1997
SP-98-50 Pelican Place Townhomes East & West, 1st Amend 234 Pelican Pl DO-00-47 8/25/2000
SP-96-19 Pelican Place Townhomes West 234 Pelican Pl DO-96-19 2/7/1996
SP-08-12 Perry's (aka Freshy's Bar & Grill) 302 Harbor Blvd DO-09-16 08/04/2009
12-12-SP Perry's, 1st Amend 302 Harbor Blvd DO-12-06 06/07/2012
SP-93-13 Personal Mini-Warehouse Complex 850 Airport Rd DO-93-13 6/7/1993
SP-93-02 Personal Storage 850 Airport Rd DO-93-02 1/4/1993
SP-99-13 Pier 98 Centre 543 Harbor Blvd DO-99-43 2/18/2000
SP-00-38 Pier 98 Centre, 1st Amend 543 Harbor Blvd DO-01-05 9/21/2001
16-03-SP Pier 98 Centre, 2nd Amendment 543 Harbor Blvd DO-16-05 12/15/15
SP-92-10 Pine Ridge Trace Replat 0 Pine Ridge Trace DO-92-10 10/5/1992
SP-06-22 Plantation Lake Villas 4321 Commons Dr Withdrawn
SP-97-40 Plantation Porch & Patio 36074 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-40 10/28/1997
SP-05-05 Plantation Townhomes 4321 Commons Dr DO-05-29 6/27/2005
SP-05-28 Plantation Townhomes & Condominium, 1st Amend 4321 Commons Dr Withdrawn
SP-09-07 Pointe Beach & Yacht Club, The 50 Gulf Shore Dr DO-09-17 09/29/2009
SP-07-21 Porsche of Destin 808 Airport Rd DO-08-08 2/13/2008
SP-08-11 Porsche of Destin, 1st Amend 808 Airport Rd DO-08-21 7/1/2008
SP-08-21 Porsche of Destin, 2nd Amend 808 Airport Rd DO-08-26 9/25/2008
Prince Retail/Office Center 855 98 Palms Blvd DO-14-09
SP-00-46 Public Service Complex 3949 Commons Dr DO-00-55 12/11/2000
SP-01-31 Public Service Complex, 1st Amend 3949 Commons Dr DO-01-33 9/21/2001
SP-03-35 Public Service Complex, 2nd Amend 3949 Commons Dr DO-04-12 2/26/2004


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-03-07 Quail Hollow Townhomes (pka Courtyard) 1000 Airport Rd DO-03-34 10/13/2003
SP-03-30 Quail Hollow Townhomes, 1st Amend 1000 Airport Rd DO-04-18 7/6/2004
SP-02-64 Quail Lake Townhomes (pka Airport Road) 1150 Airport Rd DO-03-20 7/17/2003
SP-03-29 Quail Lake Townhomes, 1st Amend 1150 Airport Rd DO-04-33 10/26/2004
SP-05-31 Quail Lake Townhomes, 2nd Amend 1150 Airport Rd DO-06-05 3/15/2006
11-02-SP Quail Lake Townhomes, 3rd Amend 1150 Airport Rd DO-11-06 06/10/2011
11-07-SP Quail Lake Townhomes, 4th Amend 1150 Airport Rd DO-11-04 3/8/2011
SP-04-38 Quail Run Office Bldg 1016 Airport Rd DO-05-16 3/2/2005
SP-04-13 Quail Run Townhomes (pka Pompano Landing) 1014 Airport Rd DO-04-22 7/13/2004
SP-05-13 Quail Run Townhomes, 1st Amend 1014 Airport Rd Withdrawn


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-04-12 R Calhoun Development 4650 Gulfstarr Dr DO-04-23 8/18/2004
11-14-SP Raceway Service Station 995 Highway 98 E DO-11-10 10/13/2011
SP-08-07 Red Door Saloon 240 Harbor Blvd DO-09-08 12/12/2008
SP-09-06 Red Door Saloon, 1st Amend 240 Harbor Blvd DO-09-11 03/16/2009
 17-08-SP Rehabilitation Institute of NWFL Patient Room Expansion 996  Airport Rd    
SP-95-04 Remax Office Bldg 34894 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-95-04 3/20/1995
SP-98-11 Resort Video 36086 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-98-11 2/13/1998
SP-98-46 Resort Video, 2nd Amend 36086 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-98-34 10/7/1998
SP-98-64 Restaurant Row Redevelopment PUD 0 Restaurant Row DO-99-25 6/9/1999
SP-98-64.1 Restaurant Row Redev PUD (corrected DO) 0 Restaurant Row DO-99-25.1 9/30/1999
SP-99-52 Restaurant Row Redev PUD Phase I, 1st Amend 0 Restaurant Row DO-00-13 3/28/2000
SP-01-40 Restaurant Row Redev PUD Phase I, 3rd Amend 0 Restaurant Row DO-03-07 2/12/2003
SP-99-47 Restaurant Row Redev PUD Phase II, 1st Amend 0 Restaurant Row DO-00-37 7/3/2000
SP-01-28 Restaurant Row Redev PUD Phase II, 3rd Amend 0 Restaurant Row DO-01-23 7/30/2001
17-01-SP Reunion Landing at Destin Pointe 480  Gulf Shore Drive    
16-35-SP Rezmer Office Building 1224 Airport Rd    
SP-98-09 Rhodes Auto Repair Expansion 327 Mountain Dr DO-98-09 3/5/1998
SP-98-28 Rhodes Auto Repair Expansion, 1st Amend 327 Mountain Dr DO-98-22 7/7/1998
12-06-SP RLC Storage Warehouse (Lot 16, Sunsail Plaza) 4650 Gulfstarr Dr DO-12-05 05/01/2012
SP-05-01 RLR Quad-Plex 4563 Luke Ave No DO
SP-06-04 Romair Commercial Bldg 36236 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-06-09 6/16/2006
SP-03-13 Royal B Restaurant (pka Bianco) 36178 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-03-29 9/29/2003
SP-04-07 Royal B Restaurant, 1st Amend 36178 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-05-15 2/23/2005
SP-07-20 Royal B Restaurant, 2nd Amend 36178 Emerald Coast Pkwy No DO
13-09-SP Runway, The 908 Airport Rd DO-14-01
SP-00-61 Russ & Cindy's Office Bldg 4636 Gulfstarr Dr DO-01-03 1/26/2001
SP-01-34 Russ & Cindy's Office Bldg, 1st Amend 4636 Gulfstarr Dr DO-01-43 10/30/2001


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-99-36 Safe & Secure Repite 535 Stahlman Ave No DO
SP-02-04 Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church Addition 801 Airport Rd DO-02-23 6/7/2002
SP-08-14 Safe Harbour Estates 793 Bayou Dr DO-09-10 2/19/2009
SP-98-40 Sandalwood Townhomes 401 Anna St DO-99-27 6/3/1999
SP-00-04 Sandalwood Townhomes, 1st Amend 401 Anna St DO-00-31 5/30/2000
SP-00-41 Sandalwood Townhomes, 2nd Amend 401 Anna St DO-00-43 8/8/2000
SP-00-59 Sandalwood Townhomes, 3rd Amend 401 Anna St DO-01-27 8/22/2001
SP-93-08 Sanders Warehouse Bldg 500 Industrial Park Rd DO-93-08 3/2/1993
SP-95-11 Sandpiper Cove Addition 775 Gulf Shore Dr DO-95-11 06/05/1995
SP-96-17 Sandpiper Cove Addition 775 Gulf Shore Dr DO-96-17 1/24/1996
SP-96-06 Sandpiper Cove, 1st Amend 775 Gulf Shore Dr DO-96-06 9/17/1996
SP-06-17 Sandpiper Cove, 2nd Amend 775 Gulf Shore Dr DO-06-14 7/5/2006
SP-97-38 Sandpiper Cove, Phase 26 775 Gulf Shore Dr DO-97-38 9/17/1997
13-06-SP Scallywag's Pub & Grub 105 Calhoun Ave DO-13-06 03/29/2013
SP-94-31 Sea Oats Motel Addition 3420 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-94-31 10/03/1994
SP-97-49 Seafarer Condominium Addition 1700 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-97-49 11/07/1997
SP-98-21 Sealoft II Deck Addition 2716 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-98-15 3/30/1998
SP-07-24 Seaview of Destin 316 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-02-60 Seaview, The 316 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-99-46 Seaview, The 316 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-01-04 Shakey's Frozen Custard 1065 Highway 98 E DO-01-21 06/22/2001
13-13-SP Sherwin Williams 36248 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-13-09
SP-06-05 Sherwin Williams 112 Stahlman Ave DO-06-10 05/30/2006
SP-06-26 Sherwin Williams, 1st Amend 112 Stahlman Ave DO-07-02 10/20/2006
SP-07-12 Sherwin Williams, 2nd Amend 112 Stahlman Ave DO-07-12 07/26/2007
SP-06-13 Ships Chandler Boat Storage 205 Harbor Blvd DO-06-07 03/28/2006
SP-99-37 Shipwreck Limited 960 Highway 98 E
SP-97-47 Shipwreck Limited Shopping Center 960 Highway 98 E DO-97-47 11/03/1997
SP-00-39 Shipwreck LTD, 1st Amend 960 Highway 98 E DO-00-53 01/18/2001
SP-00-44 Shoppes at Paradise Isle (pka Gateway of Destin) 34940 Emerald Coast Pkwy Withdrawn
SP-01-21 Shoppes at Paradise Isle (pka Gateway of Destin) 34940 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-42 10/30/2001
SP-01-47 Shoppes at PI, 1st Amend 34940 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-44 10/31/2001
SP-02-02 Shoppes at PI, 2nd Amend (C Barrel/R Lobster) 34920 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-02-02 1/24/2002
SP-02-09 Shoppes at PI, 3rd Amend (C Barrel/R Lobster) 34970 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-02-50 10/9/2002
SP-02-19 Shoppes at PI, 4th Amend (Sonic) 34960 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-02-27 7/1/2002
SP-03-05 Shoppes at PI, 5th Amend (Best Buy) 34940 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-03-17 6/25/2003
SP-03-31 Shoppes at PI, 6th Amend 34940 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-04-10 2/11/2004
SP-07-13 Shore at Crystal Beach, The 2966 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-08-06 12/11/2007
SP-08-13 Shore at Crystal Beach, 1st Amend 2966 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-08-24 9/10/2008
SP-97-54 Shoreline Towers Antennas 900 Gulf Shore Dr DO-97-54 12/15/1997
SP-92-07 Shores of Crystal Beach, The 2968 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-92-07 8/3/1992
SP-06-03 Sibert Palms Townhomes 139 Sibert Ave DO-06-16 8/24/2006
SP-00-15 Sides Moreno Point West 5 Calhoun Ave DO-00-45 8/21/2000
SP-00-55 Sides Moreno Point West, 1st Amend 5 Calhoun Ave DO-01-29 8/20/2001
SP-01-07 Sides Moreno Point West, 2nd Amend 5 Calhoun Ave DO-01-30 8/21/2001
SP-01-08 Sides Moreno Point West, 3rd Amend 5 Calhoun Ave DO-01-36 10/2/2001
SP-02-16 Sides Moreno Point West, 4th Amend 5 Calhoun Ave DO-02-19 4/4/2002
SP-01-24 Signature Beach Condominiums (pka Dolphin Run) 1816 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-02-04 1/28/2002
SP-99-10 Silver Beach Towers Condominiums 1050 Highway 98 E DO-99-26 6/9/1999
SP-01-14 Silver Beach Towers Condominiums, 1st Amend 1050 Highway 98 E DO-01-16 5/4/2001
SP-02-31 Silver Beach Towers Condominiums, 2nd Amend 1050 Highway 98 E DO-02-43 9/17/2002
12-05-SP Silver Beach Towers Condominiums, 3rd Amend 1050 Highway 98 E DO-13-03 12/12/2012
SP-97-28 Silver Dunes Condominium Additions 1030 Highway 98 E DO-97-28 7/11/1997
SP-97-53 Silver Shells Beach Resort 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-53 12/08/1997
SP-98-51 Silver Shells, 1st Amend 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-16 4/13/1999
SP-98-66 Silver Shells, 1st Amend 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy Withdrawn
SP-00-11 Silver Shells, 2nd Amend 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-10 3/22/2000
SP-00-50 Silver Shells, 3rd Amend 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy Withdrawn
SP-00-16 Silver Shells, 3rd Amend (St Thomas) 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-00-08 2/22/2000
SP-00-65 Silver Shells, 4th Amend 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-13 4/6/2001
SP-01-22 Silver Shells, 5th Amend (St Thomas Pool) 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy Withdrawn 11/06/2001
SP-02-50 Silver Shells, 7th Amend 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-03-05 2/4/2003
SP-02-50.1 Silver Shells, 8th Amend (DO Term Extension) 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-03-08 2/21/2003
SP-02-50.2 Silver Shells, 9th Amend (Public Parking) 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-03-09 2/21/2003
SP-03-32 Silver Shells, 10th Amend (St Barth's) 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-03-36 10/17/2003
SP-04-05 Silver Shells, 11th Amend (St Lucia) 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-04-06 2/4/2004
SP-04-31 Silver Shells, 12th Amend 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-05-19 4/8/2005
SP-08-01 Silver Shells, 13th Amend (St Thomas Pool) 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-08-10 3/12/2008
17-03-SP Silver Shells, 15th Amendment (St.Kitts) 15000 Emerald Coast Pkwy     
SP-94-44 Sno-Biz of Destin 791 Harbor Blvd DO-94-44 03/28/1994
SP-00-62 Southside Plaza 101 Mountain Dr DO-01-08 4/19/2001
SP-01-26 Southside Plaza, 1st Amend 101 Mountain Dr DO-02-06 2/4/2002
SP-00-12 Sovereign Isle Garden Villas 4543 Regatta Bay Blvd DO-00-26 5/16/2000
SP-98-02 Sovereign Isle Garden Villas 4543 Regatta Bay Blvd DO-98-02 2/2/1998
SP-94-36 Sovereign Isle PUD 0 Wood Wind Dr DO-94-36 11/7/1994
SP-96-22 St Andrews by the Sea Episcopal Church Ed Bldg 307 Harbor Blvd DO-96-22 02/26/1996
SP-92-12 St Martins Beachwalk Villas 1006 Highway 98 E DO-92-12 10/19/1992
SP-94-06 Sterling Sands Condominium 1080 Highway 98 E DO-94-06 3/7/1994
SP-93-03 Sterling Sands Condominium PUD 1080 Highway 98 E DO-93-03 1/4/1993
SP-00-36 StorageMaxDestin 4656 Gulfstarr Dr DO-00-54 12/11/2000
SP-02-17 StorageMaxDestin, 1st Amend 4656 Gulfstarr Dr DO-02-20 4/10/2002
SP-02-65 StorageMaxDestin, 2nd Amend 4656 Gulfstarr Dr DO-03-06 1/31/2003
SP-06-08 StorageMaxDestin, Phase II 4656 Gulfstarr Dr No DO
StorageMaxDestin, Phase II, 1st Amend
Gulfstarr D
15-18-SP StorageMaxDestin, Phase II, 2nd Amend 4656 Gulfstarr Dr DO-15-11 07/28/2015
SP-96-13 Strip Shopping Center 1250 Airport Rd DO-96-13 1/9/1996
SP-98-17 Submarina Café 404 Harbor Blvd DO-98-30 9/10/1998
SP-96-16 Submarina Restaurant 404 Harbor Blvd DO-96-16 1/24/1996
SP-92-09 Sugarloaf Apartments 955 Airport Rd DO-92-09 9/8/1992
SP-93-10 Sundestin Beach Resort Dune Walkover 1040 Highway 98 E DO-93-10 3/15/1993
SP-93-09 Sundestin Condominium Additions & Alterations 1040 Highway 98 E DO-93-09 7/6/1993
SP-96-05 Sunsail Apartments 4653 Gulfstarr Dr DO-96-05 11/20/1995
SP-96-03 Sunsail Lodge 4653 Gulfstarr Dr DO-96-03 7/1/1996
SP-95-01 Sunsail Plaza 4656 Gulfstarr Dr DO-95-01 02/06/1995
SP-94-39 Sunsail PUD 0 Windstarr Dr DO-94-39 11/07/1994
Sunset Beach
Calhoun Ave
16-33-SP Surf Style 1079 Highway 98 E     


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-93-21 Taco Bell Restaurant 509 Harbor Blvd DO-93-21 9/16/1993
SP-01-17 Tamtech Pools 36204 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-01-40 10/12/2001
SP-06-19 Tamtech Pools, 1st Amend 36204 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-08-15 4/3/2008
SP-04-51 Target - The Shores 853 Harbor Blvd DO-05-13 2/10/2005
SP-05-24 Target - The Shores, 1st Amend 853 Harbor Blvd DO-05-38 9/30/2005
12-04-SP Target - The Shores, 2nd Amend (McDonald's) 895 Harbor Blvd DO-12-04 02/14/2012
12-15-SP Target - The Shores, 3rd Amend (McDonald's) 895 Harbor Blvd DO-12-07 06/15/2012
Target - The Shores, 4th Amend (Hobby Lobby)
Harbor Blvd
SP-98-43 TC Park - Warehouse & Manufacturing 505 Mountain Dr DO-98-36 10/12/1998
SP-01-27 TC Park (Trammel Commercial Park), 1st Amend 505 Mountain Dr DO-02-15 3/19/2002
SP-90-01 Terra Cotta Terrace 0 Terra Cotta Way DO-90-01 7/19/1990
SP-01-20 Tides of Destin Condominium, The 830 Gulf Shore Dr DO-01-38 10/12/2001
SP-97-52 Tiforp Airport Hanger 1001 Airport Rd DO-97-52 11/25/1997
SP-94-25 Tiforp Inc Commercial Office Bldg 1000 Highway 98 E DO-94-25 7/5/1994
SP-03-11 T-Mobile Cell Antennas 723 Kelly St DO-03-23 8/29/2003
SP-03-24 Trammell Warehouse 404 Mountain Dr DO-04-11 2/26/2004
SP-94-12 Trammel's Commercial Park 400 Mountain Dr DO-94-12 03/28/1994
SP-98-52 Tranquil Harbor Condominium 604 Harbor Blvd DO-99-03 2/12/1999
SP-00-26 Tranquil Harbor Condominium, 1st Amend 604 Harbor Blvd DO-00-52 10/16/2000
SP-02-58 Traship Motel 3310 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-03-13 5/8/2003
SP-04-23 Treasure Island Boat Sales 327 Harbor Blvd Withdrawn
SP-95-02 Tuscany PUD 0 Tuscany Dr DO-95-02 3/7/1995
SP-98-59 Twin Lakes 385 Twin Lakes Ln DO-99-10 4/12/1999
SP-99-44 Twin Lakes, 1st Amend 385 Twin Lakes Ln DO-00-04 2/14/2000
SP-02-26 Twin Lakes, 2nd Amend 385 Twin Lakes Ln DO-02-53 10/15/2002
SP-04-10 Twin Lakes, 3rd Amend 385 Twin Lakes Ln DO-04-08 2/10/2004


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-98-08 Universal Communications Addition 195 Stahlman Ave DO-98-08 2/9/1998
SP-06-20 Universal Motorcars 4320 Commons Dr DO-06-17 8/17/2006
SP-07-03 Universal Motorcars, 1st Amendment 4320 Commons Dr DO-07-03 10/27/2006


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-99-38 Vacuum Center 36054 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-47 1/5/2000
SP-96-37 Vanguard Bank 34910 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-96-37 11/6/1996
12-08-SP Venue Emerald Coast 4201 Commons Dr DO-12-11 09/19/2012
16-21-SP Veranda by the Bay & Cottages by the Bay 109,118 Sibert Ave, Calhoun Ave
SP-04-09 Villa Coyaba 3016 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-04-14 05/4/2004
SP-96-24 Villa Mansard - Annex to Henderson Park Inn 2700 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-96-24 03/6/1996
SP-96-01 Village Baptist Church 101 Matthew Blvd DO-96-01 06/17/1996
Village Baptist Church 101
Matthew Blvd
SP-00-43 Village Baptist Church Master Site Use Plan 101 Matthew Blvd DO-01-10 05/16/2001
SP-02-14 Village Baptist Church, 1st Amend 101 Matthew Blvd DO-02-26 6/27/2002
SP-02-32 Village Baptist Church, 2nd Amend 101 Matthew Blvd DO-02-51 10/9/2002
Village Baptist Church, 3rd Amend (cell tower)
Matthew Blvd
SP-94-13 Village Cheese Shoppe 209 Main St DO-94-13 4/14/1994
SP-01-39 Village Commercial 503 Harbor Blvd DO-02-07 2/5/2002
SP-07-27 Village Inn Development 215 Harbor Blvd DO-08-18 4/21/2008
SP-04-11 Villages of Crystal Beach 150 Regions Way DO-05-03 10/26/2004
SP-05-20 Villages of Crystal Beach, 1st Amend 150 Regions Way DO-07-14 06/21/2007
SP-94-28 Villas at Destiny (superseded by Grand Palms at Destiny) 0 Scenic Hwy 98 DO-94-28 08/01/1994


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-97-55 Waffle House 154 Regions Way DO-97-55 12/16/1997
SP-99-17 Waffle House 154 Regions Way DO-99-28 6/30/1999
SP-05-02 Walker Taylor Commercial 36100 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-05-24 5/11/2005
SP-01-45 Wall's Mountain Warehouse 516 Mountain Dr DO-02-29 7/22/2002
SP-03-25 Wall's Mountain Warehouse, 1st Amend 516 Mountain Dr DO-03-32 10/10/2003
SP-00-19 Walls Storage 516 Mountain Dr DO-00-44 8/11/2000
SP-03-06 Watermark 1035 Highway 98 E DO-03-37 10/20/2003
SP-04-52 Watermark II 1001 Highway 98 E DO-05-20 6/9/2005
SP-93-23 Waterview Towers - The Ultimate 280 Gulf Shore Dr DO-93-23 10/04/1993
SP-92-14 Waterview Towers - The Ultimate 280 Gulf Shore Dr DO-92-14 11/2/1992
SP-90-03 Waterview Towers Yacht Club 200 Gulf Shore Dr DO-90-03 09/04/1990
SP-92-18 Waterview Towers Yacht Club Bldg 3 200 Gulf Shore Dr DO-92-18 12/04/1991
SP-95-06 Waterview Towers Yacht Club Marina 240 Gulf Shore Dr DO-95-06 4/3/1995
SP-95-10 Waterview Towers Yacht Club Marina, 1st Amend 240 Gulf Shore Dr DO-95-10 06/19/1995
SP-96-09 Waterview Towers Yacht Club Upland Marina 240 Gulf Shore Dr DO-96-09 10/21/1996
SP-07-25 West Harbor 220 Sibert Ave DO-09-05 9/30/2008
13-14-SP Whitehead Pontoon Rental 111 Calhoun Ave DO-13-08
SP-05-22 White-Wilson Medical Office 990 Airport Rd DO-05-35 8/26/2005
SP-98-56 Whitney Bank 14060 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-99-05 2/8/1999
SP-97-33 Willows, The 36132 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-97-33 08/26/1997
SP-93-01 Windsor Forest Subdivision 0 Burning Tree Dr DO-93-01 1/4/1993
SP-03-16 Wingate Inn at 98 Palms 117 Palms St DO-03-24 8/29/2003
SP-94-38 Wings 1000 Highway 98 E DO-94-38 11/07/1994
SP-96-31 Wings Retail Store 3 34888 Emerald Coast Pkwy DO-96-31 05/15/1996
SP-00-45 Wings Retail Store, 1st Amend 1000 Highway 98 E DO-00-56 1/29/2001
SP-01-44 Wings Retail Store, 2nd Amend 1000 Highway 98 E DO-02-09 2/5/2002
SP-02-45 Wings Retail Store, 3rd Amend 1000 Highway 98 E DO-02-44 9/18/2002


Proj Num Project Name Address DO DO Date
SP-05-32 YMCA (formerly Okaloosa County) 4345 Commons Dr DO-05-41 7/8/2004