Mission, Goals & Values

Staff Mission

Our mission is to enhance the health, safety, welfare and quality of life of our residents, businesses, and visitors, preserve our heritage and environment for future generations, and provide service excellence.

Vision 2031

  • Destin is a world-class beach and world-class fishing, family-friendly resort. 
  • Destin is a quality, residential community with an authentic, historic harbor and easy mobility.
  • Residents take pride in Destin.

Strategic Goals 2021

  • Financially sound city providing service excellence.
  • World-class beach, fishing and harbor.
  • Improved mobility and connectivity.
  • High quality of life and safety for families.
  • Quality development and revitalization.

Core Values

  1. Fiscal discipline/responsibility
  2. Sound and fair decision-making
  3. Respectful working relationships among City Council, staff, and citizens, etc.
  4. Lawful, ethical, moral standards and actions
  5. Commitment to the stated values and goals
  6. Professional development of officials, staff, and volunteers
  7. Open and sensitive to citizens’ concerns
  8. Knowledgeable of the current issues
  9. Commitment to public safety
  10. Trust/honesty/integrity
  11. Organizational development
  12. Preservation of heritage and environment