Tech Tuesdays: Summer STEAM Programs


Grades 1-4

Tuesdays, 10:30 am & Wednesdays, 2:00 pm

Registration for both the Tuesday and Wednesday classes is now closed. A standby list is available for interested parents.

All aboard! The STEAM Train is your elementary-schooler’s ticket to hands-on learning. This eight-week program series will explore coding, physics, anatomy, and more through stories and fun, creative projects.

The schedule of activities will be as follows:

June 12 & 13: Art Aliens Attack!
June 19 & 20: BristleBots
June 26 & 27: Pendulum Painting
July 3 & *5: Attack on the Fort!
July 10 & 11: Let's Be Paleontologists
July 17 & 18: Marble Mania
July 24 & 25: Computer Programming Unplugged
July 31 & August 1: Hands on Hands

Parent/caretaker participation is required during this activity due to the complexity of some projects. Registration for the program is full. We will maintain a waiting list, members of which will be called in order should registered participants be unable to attend a given session. To add your child's name to the waiting list, click the picture to the right.

*Please note, the second class for our Attack on the Fort! activity will be held on Thursday, July 5 to account for our Independence Day closure.



Grades 5-8

Tuesdays, 5:30 pm

Take a deep dive into new and exciting technologies with our Techsploration middle-grades program series. Participants will learn about a variety of different technologies, including electrical circuits, hydraulics, and computer programming.

The schedule of activities will be as follows:

June 12: Hydraulic Butterflies
June 19: Arcade Champions
June 26: Orders of Magnitude and Nanotechnology
July 3: Microbes!
July 10: Squishy Circuits, Part 1
July 17: Squishy Circuits, Part 2
July 24: Advanced Squishy Circuits, Part 1
July 31: Advanced Squishy Circuits, Part 2

Parents of tweens and teens interested in participating in this program are required to register them in advance. Registration will be limited to 15 participants. Click the picture to the left to register!

Robolympics 2018

Grades 5+

Calling all Robolympians! The 2018 Robolympics will be held on July 27, 2018. Competitors will face off in four exciting competition events, each striving to win the coveted Code Cup.

The Destin Library can sponsor 8 teams of 2 or more competitors. Each sponsored team will be provided with a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit. Teams are also welcome to provide their own LEGO robotics kit if they already have one. To register a team, click here.

There will be a 7-week boot camp available to Mindstorms newcomers held at the library starting in June to help prepare competitors. The boot camp will cover all of the core functions of the EV3 system. Participation in the boot camp is entirely optional. To register for the boot camp, click the picture to the right. See below for more information.

Competitors are also encouraged to schedule time to work on their robots with their teammates at the library outside of the boot camp program. Sponsored teams will not be able to take their EV3 kits out of the library, so all building and programming will need to be done during library operating hours.

Robolympics Boot Camp

Tuedays, 2:30 pm

Every Olympian needs a trainer. We created the Robolympics Boot Camp to give all of our Robolympics competitors a solid foundation in the programming and construction of their LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits.

Each week participants in the Boot Camp will have the opportunity to learn a different core function of their EV3 robot.By the end, all of our Robolympians will have the tools they need to win in the battle for the Code Cup!

The schedule of classes will be as follows:

June 12: Getting Around - Moving Your Robot
June 19: The Ultrasonic Sensor
June 26: The Touch Sensor
July 3: The Color Sensor and Multitasking
July 10: Making Decisions - Boolean Logic and Switches
July 17: The Gyro Sensor
July 24: Take Control - Using the Commander App

Participation in the Robolympics Boot Camp is not required to participate in the Robolympics.

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