1. Beach & Boat Launch Passes

    Find out how residents can obtain beach and boat launch passes.

  2. Cemetery

  3. Destin Fire Control District

    Access information about Destin's Fire Control District and its policies.

  4. Elections

    Learn how to register and where to vote in upcoming city elections.

  5. Helpful Brochures

  6. Hurricane Information Guide

    Explore helpful hurricane information and find out what to do before, durring and after a hurrincane in Destin.

  7. Library

  8. New Residents

  9. Okaloosa County

    Link directly to the Okaloosa County website.

  10. Okaloosa County Economic Development Council

  11. Okaloosa County Schools

    Seek out the amazing school system that educates our children.

  12. Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

    Gain information about the sheriff's office and how they provide protection to the city's residents and visitors.

  13. Public Transit

  14. Solid Waste Collection & Recycling

    Find out about the city's trash and recycling services.

  15. Water Service

    View the companies that provide water service to the Destin area.