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Public Services

The Public Services Maintenance Facility houses the city's heavy equipment, maintenance supplies and materials. A public recycling container is also located at this facility just inside the gate to the left of the building and is open to residential public use from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Friday. Only recyclable items are accepted. Items not accepted include household garbage, tires, batteries, paints, oils, construction debris, chemicals of any kind, Freon, rocks, sand, gravel, dirt, logs, carpet, hazardous or medical waste. Learn more about the city's solid waste services here

The city’s Public Services Department provides technical and compliance review of private construction projects affecting the city’s right of way and infrastructure and public Capital Improvement Projects. The department is also responsible for the maintenance of all publicly owned streets, public grounds, and public facilities and oversees contracted city services such as sidewalk installation, road resurfacing and striping.