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Building Division

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1. Are drawings required and do they need to be drawn by an architect or engineer?
2. Can I, as an owner, act as my own contractor?
3. How long is a building permit valid?
4. I have an Okaloosa County Business Tax Receipt; do I also need one for the City of Destin?
5. Is a permit required for a fence?
6. What building code are you currently under?
7. What is required to be shown on a site plan?
8. When are foundation and as-built surveys required?
9. When is a Notice of Commencement required and where does it get filed?
10. When is a permit required?
11. When is a permit required for concrete and/or pavers?
12. Do I need a permit to change my floor coverings in my multi-family dwelling (i.e. condo, apartment, etc.)?

City of Destin

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1. Does the city require a permit for a beach wedding?
2. Where can I get a marriage license?
3. Can I take my dog on the beach?
4. Are fires allowed on the beach?
5. Are fireworks allowed on the beach?
6. Can I camp overnight on the beach?
7. Does Destin have a public tennis court?
8. How do I report an aggressive animal?
9. Can I drive my golf cart on Hwy. 98 or any streets in Destin?
10. Where can I take my recyclables?
11. Where can I park my RV?
12. Where can I launch my boat?
13. Am I allowed to take a pop up tent on the beach?
14. Who do I contact regarding mosquito problems?
15. What are the regulations for political signs in the city?
16. What is the schedule for running the harbor pump?
17. How do I report airport noise/aircraft noise?

Code Enforcement

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1. During my morning walks, I see dogs roaming around the neighborhood and tearing up people's trash. What should I do?
2. I have received a notice from the City's Code Enforcement Officer for violating one of the City's codes. I need more time to correct the problem, what should I do?
3. What happens when a person who was cited for violating a City ordinance fails to comply?
4. A house in my neighborhood has a lot of cars, boats and an RV in the front yard. How many vehicles and boats can you have in your yard?
5. Who do I call to report a noise complaint?
6. I worked in my yard this weekend and have placed a lot of lawn debris out at the curb. Who will pick it up and when?
7. I purchased a new appliance and want to get rid of the old one. How do I do that?
8. What is the process to remove a derelict vessel?


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1. Where is the Destin Library?
2. How do I get a library card?
3. How do I access my online catalog account?
4. How do I place a "hold" on library materials?
5. How do I renew my library materials?
6. How do I request an interlibrary loan?
7. How do I access
8. How do I access ePrep?
9. How do I sign up for computer classes?
10. How can I support the Destin Library?
11. How do I reserve a meeting/study room?
12. How do I use the library's computer services?
13. Can I volunteer at the Destin Library?

Planning Division

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1. How Do I Get A Commercial or Multi-Family Development Permit?
2. When do I Need a Permit to Remove a Tree?
3. When do I Need a Permit to Clear Land?
4. Where Can I Get a Copies of the City of Destin's Development Regulations?
5. What does "Grandfathered" mean?
6. Can I open a business out of my home?
7. What are building setbacks?
8. How can I find out the building setbacks for my lot?
9. I would like to add an accessory structure (swimming pool, detached garage, deck, etc.) to my property. What are the limitations for such structures?
10. I would like to place an off-premise sign advertising my business, service or organization, along city streets or on other property. What are the City’s requirements concerning this type of signage?
11. What are the guidelines for fencing?
12. What is the Zoning of my parcel?

Short Term Rentals

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1. Why do I need to complete the short term rental application?
2. Where can I find all the required information?
3. Why do I need to obtain a Florida license, business tax receipt and Florida tax ID?
4. How long do I have to complete the required process?
5. Can I complete an online application?
6. Can I email my requirements?
7. I pay my taxes. Is this the same thing as a business tax receipt?
8. Can I just send in my ID number for my Florida license, business tax receipt and Florida tax ID?
9. What information should be on the required signage for the front of the short term rental property?
10. Where can I find the ordinance concerning the requirements for short term rentals?
11. What happens if I choose not to register my short term rental(s)?
12. What if I don't rent my home?