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Adopted Plans, Maps & Studies

Studies/Reports/Other Helpful Links:
    Destin Land Development Code (LDC)

    Impact Fee Study – 2007 

            Impact Fee Program FAQ 

    Evaluation and Appraisal Report - 2010 Comprehensive Plan

    Fee Schedule - Land Development Excerpt

    Pathways Master Plan  


    • Zoning Districts – Purpose & Intent 

    • Zoning District Factsheets 

            o A             Airport 

            o BE           Bay Estates 

            o BRMU       Bay Resort Mixed Use 

            o CBN         Crystal Beach Neighborhood 

            o CBR         Crystal Beach Resort 

            o CG           Commercial General 

            o CL           Commercial Limited 

            o CMU        Calhoun Mixed Use 

            o CON        Conservation 

            o CTS         Commercial Trades & Services 

            o GRMU      Gulf Resort Mixed Use 

            o HDR        High Density Residential 

            o HIMU       Holiday Isle Mixed Use 

            o IN           Industrial 

            o INST        Institutional 

            o LDR-H      Low Density Residential - Harbor 

            o LDR-HI     Low Density Residential - Holiday Isle 

            o LDR-V      Low Density Residential - Village 

            o MDR-HI    Medium Density Residential - Holiday Isle 

            o MDR-V     Medium Density Residential - Village 

            o NHMU      North Harbor Mixed Use 

            o REC         Recreation 

            o ROI-GD    Residential, Office, and Institutional - General Development 

            o ROI-TD    Residential, Office, and Institutional - Tourist Development 

            o ROI-VR    Residential,Office, and Institutional - Village Residential 

            o SHMU      South Harbor Mixed Use 

            o TCMU      Town Center Mixed Use