Streets & Sidewalks

Overview of Destin’s Streets 

  • 44 acres of land in the medians
  • 69 miles of public roads and streets
  • 90 miles of sidewalks

It is Public Works responsibility to repair and maintain these public areas. Sidewalk, street and median conditions are regularly assessed by the department with recommendation made to City Council during budget preparation session. Items brought before Council, such as upgrades, repairs, striping and new installation are budgeted according to need.

Private Streets, Lane Closures & Medians 

The City of Destin is prohibited from maintaining private roadways within the incorporated limits of the City of Destin. Private streets and roads are the responsibility of the homeowners association. View a map of Destin streets. Private streets are indicated by (p). Lane closures will be posted on Destin News Flash

Median Maintenance 

The city’s road crew and contractors maintain the growth of the vegetation in the rights of way. It is against City Code to put signage in the public rights of way. Report signs that may cause visibility problems for traffic and do not adhere to the city’s beautification code. 

Additional Information