The Compliance Process

Code Compliance (formerly Code Enforcement) has been a part of the City of Destin since 1987. It is responsible for protecting the public's health, safety and welfare through effective enforcement of city codes and ordinances. 

The city's Code Compliance Officers are certified by the Florida Association of Code Enforcement (FACE) in local ordinance enforcement and Florida Statutes. The division performs nearly two dozen inspections daily in response to complaints and personal observation. There are three major categories of violations: Building, Zoning and Nuisance-type. 

Building Code Violations

  • Building a structure without a permit,
  • Increasing impervious surface: placing concrete, asphalt or spreading rock
  • Marine construction without a permit

Review, approval and issuance of a building permit are required for the protection of citizens and visitors. If a structure is erected which does not meet the City's 110-mph wind load requirement, it could become a flying projectile during strong winds and, if concrete is placed without proper engineering, stormwater could flood adjacent property owners or City Streets. 

Zoning Code Violations

  • Operating a business without a license
  • Building into setback areas
  • White sand violations

The intent and purpose of zoning codes are to maintain order and allow controlled development of land within the City of Destin. 

Nuisance Code Violations

  • Animal control
  • Noise control
  • Accumulation of trash and debris
  • Illegal vehicles
  • Dilapidated buildings and structures

A nuisance is defined as whatever is dangerous to human life or health, or causes the ground, water, air, or food to be hazardous to the public's health, or is offensive to the senses.