Zoning is used to regulate the type of land uses (such as open space, residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial), allowable on particular lots or parcels the densities at which those activities can be performed (from low-density housing such as single family homes to high-density such as high-rise apartment buildings), the height of buildings, the amount of space structures may occupy, the location of a building on the lot (setbacks), the proportions of the types of space on a lot, such as how much landscaped space, impervious surface, traffic lanes, and whether or not parking is provided.


The City of Destin has adopted 29 different Zoning districts to regulate development. The complete list of each zoning designation can be found below. Links to a summary sheet for each one coming soon. 

Zoning Fact Sheets *Currently being revised and will be posted upon completion. Please contact Planning Division with any Zoning questions at 850-654-1119 Option 2.*

  • A- Airport
  • BE- Bay Estates
  • BRMU- Bay Resort Mixed Use
  • CBN- Crystal Beach Neighborhood
  • CBR- Crystal Beach Resort
  • CG- Commercial General
  • CL- Commercial Limited
  • CMU- Calhoun Mixed Use
  • CMUV-
  • CON- Conservation
  • CTS- Commercial Trades & Services
  • GRMU- Gulf Resort Mixed Use
  • HDR- High Density Residential
  • HIMU- Holiday Isle Mixed Use
  • IN- Industrial
  • INST- Institutional
  • LDR-H- Low Density Residential - Harbor
  • LDR-HI- Low Density Residential - Holiday Isle
  • LDR-V- Low Density Residential - Village
  • MDR-HI- Medium Density Residential - Holiday Isle
  • MDR-V- Medium Density Residential - Village
  • NHMU- North Harbor Mixed Use
  • REC- Recreation
  • ROI-CBR- Residential, Office, and Institutional- Crystal Beach Residential
  • ROI-GD- Residential, Office, and Institutional - General Development
  • ROI-TD- Residential, Office, and Institutional - Tourist Development
  • ROI-VR- Residential,Office, and Institutional - Village Residential
  • SHMU- South Harbor Mixed Use
  • TCMU- Town Center Mixed Use


  • Zoning Map