Right of Way Construction

Right of Way Permit

Any construction or changes within the right of way, public or private property must be permitted by Public Services. Below are the links to permits for residential owners, commercial and utility companies.

Permit Applications

Sunshine State One Call – Call Before You Dig 811

Florida law states a homeowner must call two full business days before digging in any easement, right of way or permitted use area. Contractors are required to call in every job that involves digging or disturbing the earth's surface. A locate ticket and number is generated at the completion of the call. For more information, read the Call Before You Dig document.

Pavers in the Right of Way

If the construction in the right of way uses pavers, stamped concrete or asphalt, a Maintenance and Hold Harmless Agreement is required. Upon completion and execution of this form, the document must be recorded at the Okaloosa County Clerk’s Office.

For More Information

Call Public Services at (850) 837-6869 if further help is needed.