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Requesting a Public Record
The city clerk is the custodian of public records for the City of Destin and records can be requested through our City Help Desk. A public record can also be submitted via mail, fax, in-person or by phone. The City charges $21.00 per hour and cost for duplication.

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Destin City Charter
Destin Code of Ordinances
Destin Comprehensive Plan‎
Destin Land Development Code

If you have a question about any current ordinances, please use Municode. Municode is a list of the ordinances in effect and that have been codified. These ordinances are occasionally revised or changed by City Council at official and open public meetings. Every effort is made to keep this website up to date. However, there may be a short period of time between City Council changing an ordinance and the revised ordinance being posted on this site. If you have any questions about the status of a particular ordinance, please call the City Clerk's Office at (850) 837-4242 or email the City Clerk, who is the city's custodian of records.

Permanent ordinances that establish procedures or rules of conduct are codified. Codified means the legally adopted ordinance has been assigned a permanent number and entered into an indexed book called the Code of Ordinances.

Other documents and records may be found in the Destin’s public records archives. Please be patient as you search the Destin document and public records archives (Laserfiche system). Some searches may be extensive and may take some time to process.
City of Destin
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Ph: 850-837-4242
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Florida State Statutes 119.07: Every person who has custody of a public record shall permit the record to be inspected and copied by any person desiring to do so, at any reasonable time, under reasonable condition, and under supervision by the custodian of the public records.