Mission, Vision & Values

Staff Mission

We are an organization that strives to provide a healthy, safe quality of life, balancing the needs of our residents with the expectations of our visitors, and providing open, clear, accurate communication.


Destin is a unique family-friendly coastal city rooted in a rich fishing tradition, offering economic diversity with an inviting natural environment, beautiful white beaches and emerald green waters.


Transparency:  We value transparency (in our decision-making and actions) and our responsibility to provide accessible government, accountability, and open lines of communication between our organization and the community.

Teamwork:  We value a team environment based on mutual respect.  We place great emphasis on informality, humility, collaboration, a ready sense of humor, and a caring attitude.

Integrity:  We value integrity, adhering to strong moral and ethical principles, through honest and impartial decision-making at every level of the organization.

Professionalism:  We value professionalism that incorporates objective analysis and respect for the experience and diverse opinions of all members of our organization and the community.

Stewardship:  Through responsible planning and management, we demonstrate our respect for our natural, financial, and human resources.