Town Center CRA


The Town Center Community Redevelopment Area, encompassing approximately 517 acres, was established by Resolution on March 3, 1998, with a 30 year term that expires on March 2, 2028. The area is located north of US 98, and bounded substantially by Airport Road to the east and north, and Beach Drive on the west.

Approximately eighteen million dollars worth of improvements in the Town Center District began construction in 2006. The improvements were completed in 2009. The improvements were funded by the tax increment pledged to a 2005 bond issue and a Transportation Regional Incentive Program (TRIP) grant administered by the Florida Department of Transportation.

The first portion of the project included reconstruction of Main Street from US 98 to Airport Road, and reconstruction of Legion Drive from Main Street to Beach Drive, including associated stormwater improvements, traffic signalization, multi-modal and landscaping enhancements, and conversion of overhead to underground utilities. A second phase of the project reconstructed Airport Road from the Main Street area to U.S. Highway 98, including stormwater improvements, multi-modal enhancements and traffic signalization improvements.

Town Center CRA Map
City Budget (contains CRA budgets)