Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)

To ensure preparation for natural disasters, the Destin City Council unanimously approved the annual update to the city’s currently adopted Local Mitigation Strategy during its January 2, 2022 Meeting

Each year Okaloosa County, with input from all participating municipalities, provides the Florida Division of Emergency Management an update on the status of the adopted Local Mitigation Strategy. The update includes any new and completed projects, as well as a brief summary of any other changes that have or will ensure the city is better prepared for natural disasters like the extensive flooding the city experienced this past spring.

Examples of projects that are completed or planned that will better prepare the city include:

  1. Completed drainage improvements to the Dunes of Destin Lake.
  2. Completion of the critically eroded beaches in western Destin.
  3. Planned stormwater improvements within the Indian Bayou Subdivision.
  4. Planned stormwater improvements along Sandalwood Dr., Kelly St. and Calhoun Ave.
  5. Planned stormwater improvements in the area of Joe’s Bayou.
  6. Planned permanent stabilization of Norriego Point.

Providing the update also ensures ability of the county and city to request and receive funds in the event of a declared disaster.

The council’s adoption of the update to the Local Mitigation Strategy will also enable the city to receive needed Community Rating System (CRS) point credits toward maintaining the city’s annual CRS ranking of a “6”, which currently provides City of Destin property owners a 20% flood insurance premium rate reduction.

A copy of the updated Local Mitigation Strategy is available at the City of Destin Community Development Department, 4100 Indian Bayou Trail, for the public to review.

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