Flood Protection and Management

There are various methods and actions which can be taken to flood proof structures, including retrofitting, to minimize damage caused by flooding or hurricanes. Here are several recognizable approaches to retrofitting:
  • Elevation of the structure above flood levels, including electrical appliances.
  • Construction of barriers (floodwalls and berms)
  • Dry floodproofing (water tight floors and walls.)
  • Wet floodproofing (allows water to move in and out within the enclosed portions of the structure)
  • Grading your property.
  • Placing all low-lying electric fixtures on separate electrical circuits.
  • Using flood-resistant materials on exterior surfaces.
If you would like technical assistance on property protection and more information about possible ways to retrofit your property please call 654-1119 and select planning division. You may also contact the FEMA at 1-800-638-6620 or download and refer to anyone of the following:

FEMA Information and Technical Bulletins
FEMA “Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting Third Edition”
FEMA 54 Elevated Residential Structures (1984)
FEMA P-55 Coastal Construction Manual (2011)
FEMA P-85 Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods (2009)
FEMA 257 Mitigation of Flood & Erosion Damage to Residential Buildings (1994)
FEMA 268 Protecting Floodplain Resources (1996)
FEMA 511 Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding (2005)

Any development in Destin requires a permit from the City’s Building Division. Through this process, the City ensures development is taking place in accordance with flood regulations. Regulations include required elevations of living floor areas, floodproofing of certain construction, limitations on placement of fill and prohibitions of certain substantial improvements, additions, or reconstruction.

Substantial improvement/damage requires that if the cost of reconstruction, additions, renovations or other improvements equals or exceeds 50% of the building’s market value, then the building must be brought into compliance with current Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) regulations. Development that occurs without the City’s permits threaten the Destin’s continued participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the ability for residents to obtain insurance. If you see development occurring without permits, protect your rights and contact the City at 837-4242 immediately.

For even more information please visit the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH)