Drainage Systems Maintenance

A community can lose a portion of its drainage system carrying or storage capacity due to dumping, soil erosion and sedimentation, and overgrowth of vegetation. When this happens, flooding occurs more frequently and reaches higher elevations, subjecting properties otherwise protected to unnecessary risk of damage.

Maintenance of these systems is very important. Debris in swales, ditches, and streams obstruct the flow of water which can cause overflow onto roads and yards. Partial or complete filling in of these swales and ditches can reduce both the retention volume and the flood flow capacity, which will also result in overflow into roads or onto private property and flooding of homes and businesses.

Maintenance of the drainage system is very important so that a high flood flow capacity and proper treatment of stormwater can be realized. To aid in this, the City of Destin cleans and performs regular maintenance work on the system. Work is also performed on an emergency basis, as needed. Proper drainage helps to reduce the risk of flooding. The City of Destin inspects and maintains public drainage facilities. A blockage in storm sewer system can cause flooding. The city prohibits the dumping of any trash or yard debris in streams, wetlands, or stormwater facilities.

Dumping trash and especially yard waste could result in increased flooding and damage in areas that would otherwise be protected. If you know of unapproved changes occurring in the drainage system, please contact Destin's Public Services Department or Code Enforcement Division.