The Planning Division assigns addresses to new development and coordinates with a number of state, local, and federal agencies as well as major utilities to provide them with up to date information about address assignments for new development. The Planning Division also coordinates address corrections. Land Development Code requirements for addresses are as follows:

7.18.04. Standards. All principal buildings, docks and piers in the city shall be assigned and have their assigned numbers displayed, whether or not mail is delivered to such locations. Numbers need not be displayed on accessory buildings. Docks and piers shall be assigned the same number as the principal building, or, for vacant lots, the same number as would be assigned a principal building if existing.
Physical numbering shall conform to the following minimum standards:

  • Assigned numbers for principal buildings shall be displayed and clearly visible and legible, preferably reflective, from the street or private way on which the building fronts, with Arabic numerals not less than three inches in height and one-half inch in width.
  • Numbers must be in a color contrasting to the building or other background.
  • In the case of a principal building which has multiple entrances, the assigned number shall be displayed on each separate front entrance.
  • Any different numbers which might be mistaken for or confused with the number assigned in accordance with the "numbering system" shall be removed.
  • Assigned numbers for principal buildings which are not visible from the street or private way shall additionally be displayed at the intersection of the driveway and servicing street, and attached to a post, wall, fence or mailbox at a level to ensure visibility.
  • Assigned numbers for all docks and piers shall be displayed in such a fashion so as not to be confused with channel or other marine markers at their waterward extremity, facing away from the dock or pier. Such numbers shall be displayed in Arabic numerals not less than four inches in height and one-half inch in width, consisting of a reflective material and in a contrasting color to the background to which they are attached. Further, such numbers shall be positioned so as to be constantly between five and eight feet above the mean high-water line.

7.18.05. Building permit and certificate of occupancy restrictions. No building permit shall be issued for any principal building, dock or pier until the owner has procured the required number or numbers for the premises, building, dock or pier. No certificate of occupancy shall be issued until the owner has displayed the required number or numbers in accordance with this article.