Joe's Bayou Recreation Area

Status: FL Department of Environmental Protection is overseeing the project. Design Phase Engineer is under contract and underway. Explore, gain insights and check the status into the Joes Bayou Recreation Area Improvements Project.

Status Update 8.19.19: This project will enhance recreational opportunities in the Joe’s Bayou Recreation Area and Mattie Kelly Park and Nature Walk. Joe’s Bayou will include construction and improvements to: Boating (power and water craft) Access, Restroom Facilities, Fishing Pier, Walking Trails and Sidewalks and much more. Improvements for Mattie Kelly Park will include: Wetland Enhancements, Additional Parking, Additional Boardwalk and Improvements to Drainage and Stormwater Management. 

Estimated Construction: 2023

Estimated Completion: 2025

Joes Bayou Recreation Area

In November 2016, the city purchased a 3.9 acre piece of property between Joe’s Bayou Boat Launch and the Mattie Kelly Pier and Nature Walk. The property was formerly owned by the concrete company, CEMEX. In December 2016, staff submitted a grant application for Natural Resource Damage Assessment (Restoration Project) funds for this area known Joe’s Bayou Recreational Area. 

The grant request includes: (1) Develop an updated Master Plan that integrates all the recreational elements and infrastructure to maximize public access and recreational experiences, as well as restore and enhance the coastal environment and surrounding waters. (2) Restore the CEMEX property by removing the existing gravel and replace with native Zone 2 white sand. (3) Construct both the infrastructure and environmental improvements based on the updated Master Plan. 

Additionally, the project would accomplish the following goals: 

  1. Enhance public access to natural resources for recreational use (such as fishing and boating with a combination of ecological restoration and creation of infrastructure, access and use opportunities). 
  2. Enhance recreational experiences. 
  3. Promote environmental stewardship and education. 
  4. Create, restore and enhance coastal wetlands. 
  5. Restore oyster bed habitat.
  6. Enhance submerged aquatic vegetation.