Destin Harbor District Parking


* Pay-to-Park not required for handicap parking or vehicles parking in numbered spots with properly displayed handicap identification, Disabled Veteran tags included. 

Public Parking Lots

Destin Community Center PAY-TO-PARK and Permit Parking 

Destin Library (after business hours)

Marler Street PAY-TO-PARK (Corner of Marler St. and Hwy. 98)

Zerbe Street PAY-TO-PARK (Corner of Zerbe St. and Sibert Ave.)

There are four designated pedestrian crosswalks along Hwy. 98 (east to west) in the Harbor District: Melvin St.; Marler Street Parking Lot; Palmetto St.; and Stahlman Ave. Please use these crosswalks to cross Hwy. 98. 

Customers can dial 850.391.5840 to pay for paid parking. Please know your parking zone and license plate number before you call. 

Need to pay a parking citation or file an appeal?

Harbor District Parking Details

  • City of Destin charges a $5.00 flat fee per 24 hours for parking in the Destin Harbor District which includes:
  • The Zerbe Street parking lot. 
  • The Marler Street parking lot.
  • Destin Community Center is a Permit and Pay-to-Park lot. Parking between midnight to 7 am is reserved for city or special events. Permits are for Community Center patrons only and can be obtained at the front desk in the Community Center.
  • Parking spaces are on a first come, first serve basis and patrons are not guaranteed a spot if they leave and come back within the paid time frame. Extended overnight parking is prohibited
  • Pay-to-Park is not required for handicap parking or vehicles with properly displayed handicap identification. Disabled Veteran tags are included. 
  • Pay-to-Park is for passenger trucks and passenger vehicles only. All others shall be towed.
  • Code Compliance Officers will enforce the ordinance and violators will be ticketed at a rate of $33 per violation. Illegally parked vehicles in the right-of-way shall be fined and/or towed.
  • Do not park on sidewalks. Do not park in bike lanes.
  • Destin Library weekend parking is available after hours – Saturday after 1 p.m.; all day Sunday.
  • All parking in the Harbor District is within a 5 to 10-minute walk to the Harbor Boardwalk.
  • There are a number of private parking options in the Harbor District. Some charge a fee.
  • Parking can be purchased via the Passport Parking App, downloadable from most online app stores. See image below.
Passport Parking Web Image