Teen Services


Code Club

Fridays, September - December | 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm | Library PC Lab

It's techy! It's artsy! It's fun! Code Club returns for another year of game-making, robot-building, app-developing, web-designing Fridays. Participants will be invited to design their own projects using a variety of digital platforms, including Scratch, Python, and HTML/CSS. Aspiring artists can try their hand at creating pixel sprites, digital paintings, or animations.

Space in this program is limited. Registration will open on August 23, 2 weeks before the first club meeting. For more information call or email Megan Fontaine, Code Club Coordinator, at mfontaine@cityofdestin.com.


Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate Teen Tournament

Tuesday, September 10 | 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Library Calhoun Room

Join us for an evening of smash-powered madness! This event is open to players ages 12 and up. All skill levels are welcome. Play will be bracketed by skill level if there are enough competitors.

Register here to be included on the Tournament Roster.

Our Oculus Rift VR will be available for use between rounds.

All competitors will use either the provided Pro controllers or provided Joycon controllers; custom control schemes will be allowed, and must be configured before the start of the first match of the tournament. We will attempt to make accommodations for patrons with unique needs if we are made aware of them at least a week prior to the tournament.


Banned Books week Break-and-Make Art

Tuesday, September 24 | 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm | Library Calhoun Room

Banned Books Week is a celebration of our freedom to access information, particularly books, free from the constraints of censorship. What better way to mark the occasion than by breaking some books??

Join us for an evening of crafty destruction as we cut, tear, fold, glue, and mark up pages of books that have been discarded from the library's collection. We will have instructions for folded book art, decoupage/paper-mâché, blackout poetry, and book page painting available. Participants will also learn about the practice of challenging and banning books, how it impacts schools and libraries, and what they can do to support their freedom to read.

To register for this program, click here.

This activity is designed for patrons ages 12 and up. Participants' creations can be added to our Banned Books Week display (September 22-28) for pick-up later or taken home the day of the event.


I Saw That on the Internet! D-I-Why-a-Thon

Saturday, September 28 | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm | Library Calhoun Room

We've all seen them: the 5-minute crafts, the head-scratching lifehacks, the seemingly pointless projects that make you go "Hmmmmm." The videos make these crafty creations look so easy, but are they really? Let's find out!

The Library will have a curated variety of seemingly simple online DIY's for participants to try during our DIY-a-Thon. This program is for patrons ages 12 and up. Registration is required; supplies will only be guaranteed for registered participants.  

To register for this program, click here.