Stahlman Ave Intersection

The Destin City Council asked city staff for an assessment/study to be conducted that would collect data and provide recommendations to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow in the area of Stahlman Avenue, to include Zerbe Street and US Highway 98. The Stahlman-Zerbe-US98 area during the tourist season is regularly congested with both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Options are sought to increase the efficiency of traffic flow and enhance pedestrian safety. The purpose of this study is to provide city staff and elected officials with opportunities, and their associated challenges, that would be reasonably anticipated with any future re-construction or re-alignment project.

Volkert Engineering has expressed interest in assisting the city with this project and is qualified to perform this work. Volkert Engineering is an active participant in the FDOT's 3R Project (which includes the area of interest), and will provide the city with opportunities, challenges and cost analyses to move forward with improving pedestrian safety and traffic flow in this area. The Destin City Council has provided a budget of $50,000 for this project.

April 2021 Update:

Volkert Engineering has completed the study and the following were potential outcomes to help with the Stahlman Avenue intersection;

  1. Signal timing adjustments.
  2. Apply access management techniques to Stahlman Avenue such as making Zerbe Street right in/right out and remove the controlled crosswalk on Stahlman Avenue.
  3. Realignment and widening of Stahlman Avenue.
  4. An underpass or overpass across US Highway 98.

Many improvements to this intersection are already underway.  FDOT has widened the roadway to allow for the placement of dual lefts form US Highway 98.  Work needs to be done on both the north and south approaches to accommodate this movement.  FDOT has a signal project planned at the US Highway 98 and Stahlman Avenue intersection to install new mast arm poles to accommodate the new turning movements.  FDOT has planned the addition of a right turn lane from US Highway 98 toward the harbor to help alleviate the traffic that backs up onto the Marler Bridge.  Lastly, FDOT will begin a full PD&E study to look at improvements that need to be made to US Highway 98 from Airport Rd to the Marler Bridge, including the Stahlman Avenue intersection.

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Stahlman Avenue Intersection Improvement Concepts

Stahlman Ave Intersection Assessment