Business Tax Receipt Renewals FY2023

It’s that time of year again – 

Time to renew your Destin Business Tax Receipts (BTRs)

To avoid any late fees, renewal payments are due each year no later than September 30th.

All active current customers will be able to renew through the COMPASS system at

If you have not already registered and created a COMPASS login account, you will need to do that first. The instructions to register are as follows:

1. Begin registration process at our website:\COMPASS

2. Click on LOG IN/ REGISTER

3. “Don’t Have an Account Yet?” Register Here

4. Enter email address and then check your email account to complete verification.

5. Please use the email address you received this information at to ensure your account is properly linked.

6. Create your username and password.

For all customers who have an existing COMPASS login account, please follow the steps below:

1. Download and complete the BTR Renewal FY 2023 Form (see link below) and save to your computer as a pdf.

Fill in your business location, business name, and the name of the person completing the form. If there are no changes with your business, click on the “No Changes” option. If there are changes, please note in the space provided and add today’s date. You will upload this document as part of Step #8 below. Please note that changes could include number of employees, change in mailing or email address, business closed, etc.

2. Login to your account and open the COMPASS Dashboard, located in the upper left side of the screen.

3. Scroll down to My Licenses and click on the Renew button.

4. At the next screen, License Details, just click on Next at lower right corner.

5. At the next screen, More Info, under Current Use AND Proposed Use, enter the general nature of your business. (For example, short-term rental, retail, attorney, etc.)

6. At Duration of Use, select the appropriate response from the drop-down menu. If there are no changes you would select the first option in the list “N/A- Not a Change of Use, Use Unchanged”.

7. In the last field on the page, enter the criteria information for your business. For example, number of employees, number of seats, type of contractor, number of rentals, etc. then click Next.

8. On the next screen, Attachments, click on the blue Attachments box, select the BTR Renewal FY 2023 Form pdf document you created/saved in Step #1. This will attach the document to your renewal application. Click Next.

9. Review the information and if all is correct, select Submit. If you need to go back and edit anything, choose Back until everything is ready and then Submit.

10. Once your renewal has been submitted, staff will review it and create your FY 2023 renewal invoice. You will receive an email notification once your invoice is ready.

11. Once you receive the email notification, log in to COMPASS and in the options across the top of the screen, select View, and then select My Licenses. Click on the link under License Number and then select Fees. You will see a Fee Summary for the renewal amount, and you will select Add to Cart. Select Check Out and add your payment information and Pay Now.

12. Once staff has received the payment and processed the renewal (which should occur within 5 business days after payment has been made) you can log back into COMPASS and go to your COMPASS Dashboard, go to your License. When it opens there will be a printer icon in the upper right corner. Simply click on that icon to print the renewed BTR FY2023.

Please note that if you do not upload the BTR Renewal FY 2023 Form as noted in Step #8 above, your renewal will not be processed.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Community Development at (850) 654-1119 Option 2 or email

Business Tax Receipt Renewal Letter FY2023

Business Tax Receipt Renewal Form FY2023