Building Division

Mission Statement

The Building Division provides efficient and responsive services, which enhance the quality of life and promote a safe and healthy community.

Roles & Responsibilities

It is the city’s responsibility to assure uniform construction practices related to the public health, safety and welfare are adhered to. This is accomplished through continual training and certification of the division staff members.

The Building Division staff is charged with ensuring that structures built, altered, renovated, etc., within the city limits of Destin meet all applicable building codes. Staff performs building plan reviews, provides building code interpretations, inspects during all phases of construction and issues Certificates of Occupancy. Building staff also issue local business tax receipts (also known as business licenses) as well as maintains up to date information on all contractors working within the city.


Permits are needed for many projects. Contact us so we can help you get the proper permit(s). Construction without a permit can lead to serious problems and is not legal. Complications can arise when selling or refinancing your property for which a permit was not obtained. Many lending institutions require final approval by the city prior to release of funds. The cost of your homeowner’s insurance can also be affected by unpermitted work.

All permits issued require an inspection(s). (or permit will remain open) 
The inspection request phone number is (850) 654-1119.
All qualified inspection requests received during regular business hours will be scheduled for the following business day.
Current Building Code:           2017 Florida Building Code 6th Edition
Modified Amendments to the Code: (Modified FBC Admin & Flood 18-07-CC-FBC) 

Building Division Staff



Department of Business & Professional Regulations (DBPR)

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