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Customer Service Survey

  1. How did you visit the City of Destin?
    Check all that apply
  2. Please mark your level of satisfaction with our service.
    5 = Very Satisfied 3 = Neutral 1 = Dissatisfied
  3. Professionalism/Attitude of City Staff
  4. Knowledgeable City Staff
  5. Timeliness of Service
  6. Quality of Service
  7. Service
    Were you provided the information you requested?
  8. Overall
    How would you rate your satisfaction with our services? 5 = Very Satisfied 3 = Neutral 1 = Dissatisfied
  9. Your comments are important; they can tell us specifically what you like and how we can inprove to better serve you.
  10. Contact Information
    Your contact information is not required. However, open lines of communication may be necessary to resolve any issues.
  11. If you used the online city help desk, please include your request number
  12. Thank you for your feedback.
    We appreciate your honest opinions and will take them into consideration to help us improve our services. For quality control measures, your feeback will be forwarded to our Customer Service Quality Improvement Committee.
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